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A:   ¿Cuál es tu nacionalidad?

        (What is your nationality?)


B:   Mi pasaporte es Canadiense, pero soy Portugués.

     (My passport is Canadian, but I am Portuguese.)

A:   ¿Tienes doble nacionalidad?

     (Do you have dual citizenship?)

B:   Si. ¿Y tú?
     (Yes. And you?)

A:   Soy Americana, pero de padres Japoneses.

     (I am American, but my parents are Japanese.)

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muy bien :)
Gracias =)

If you have any comments, questions, or don't understand something. Please feel free to tell me.

Will prefer if you could add the voice:) Thanks


the voice is added. on top of the page, just below my picture, u can see this link "spanishpodNationality.mp3" click on it and u can then download it, let me know if u have trouble
Usted es la mayoría de los pacientes que he visto .gracias~~~:)

Thanks. but the mp3 file doesn't work. 



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