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A: Mmm… que bien huele.
    (Mmm… it smells good)

B: Estoy cocinando.
    (I’m cooking)

A: Me apunto!
    (Count me in!)

B: No, es cena para dos, no para tres!
    (No, is dinner for two, not for three!)


Holer- to smell (irregular verb)

Estar- I am (progressive form)

Cocinar- to cook

Apuntarse – to count one self in

Cenar- dinner

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I consider this lesson kind of hard because the nouns and verbs are used in a peculiar manner.

The important lesson here is to notice how the verbs are conjugated to their respective nouns.

For example, the verb estar (to be)

yo estoy cocinando
tu estas cocinando
el/ella esta cocinando
nosotros estamos cocinando
ellos/ellas estan cocinando

In Spanish we often like to omit the noun. So if i say to you... "Estan cocinando!" That refer to ellos/ellas (them).

Ustedes Entienden?
actually, this should be your homework assignment. You try to conjugate these verbs and post them, i will tell you if they're right or wrong.
and i apologize for incorrectly spelling the verb "oler" (to smell) is not holer or hobler

Conjugate the irregular verb "OLER" in the perfect present tense

Yo _____ la comida.
Tu _____ el gato.
El/Ella _____ las rosas.
Nostros _____ el carro.
Ellos/Ellas_____ muy mal.
La comida ____ muy bien.

Do some research and you will get these unique verbs.

Esta muy delicoso, muchas gracias por tu buena comida


hope this help, let me know if you have any more question, this time i will reply super fast.



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