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A: Quien es el?
    (Who is he?)

B: Es el nuevo.
    (He's the new guy.)

A: Esta buenisimo!
    (He is FINE!)

B: Tienes novio.
    (You have a boyfriend.)

A: Y tengo ojos tambien.
    (and i have eyes also)


buenisimo = very very good!

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The guy said, "tienes novio" because she was checking out the new handsome workmate.


Then she said, "y tengo ojos tambien" because she means that she has the right to look at other people who are handsome.


I feel this lesson focused on how to use the verb "tener" which means to have.

muchas gracias,muy interesate,puede ser un buen profesor.

haha, I also have eyes!!!



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