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A:   Hola, ¿cómo te llamas?

     (Hello, what's your name?)


B:   Me llamo Antonia, ¿y tú?

     (I'm called Antonia, and you?)


A:   Yo soy Roberto.

     (I'm Roberto.)


B:   Encantada.



A:   Mucho gusto.

     (It's a pleasure.)

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That is so cool, thank u.
i'm glad you girls enjoy it.
Actually Selena, i'm going to correct you a little bit, don't get angry, ok

We never say "Mucho Gracias" because it sounds awkard. Mucho is used in the masculine form, and Muchas is used in the feminine form. So we have to match the adjective Mucho (which means many) with the feminine form of Gracias.

So the proper way to say is.

Muchas Gracias!!

Muchas Gracias,lol
buen profesor !

me gusta



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