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hey.. does anyone know where can i learn golf?

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you can play golf at upper meilin reservior when i practice golf there too.
Thanks George, but i know nothing about golf yet. i'm thinking to take up some lesson there....
there is some instructor that you can take lesson from the begining. it will wise . IF you are interested i can ask him for you. Is there anyway u can contact you? or you can contact me at 13823577808. Let me know cos i usually go there every week. Hope it will help you decide.

Thanks George,


Will be in shenzhen only from 10 Jun onwards. after i settle down i will check out the golf lesson... hope we can arrange a mini meet up..

Thanks alot of the information...


cool. i hope you have a nice trip coming over and i would love to meet up when you are settle down and ready :) hope to hear from you soon!

known any near Futian Free Trade Zone area ?

George, I practice at Xia Meilin as well. May be one day we should meet.

Hey i remember you wanted to learn golf right? why dont you join us on Sat 5pm at Melin ? We gathering as a group for beginners too . Some of them like Richard, Darren, Marcus, Zi long , Dylan and me are always there . Hope you can join us this week.

hehehe... i'm not gear up yet.. :-p

i can drop by and look see look see lah... has been too lazy. Into hibernating soon.. :p

Sure that will be a good start for you, come anyway and we will welcome anyone there! Contact us and we will let you know the place exact.

Hi guys, do invite me. I wanna to learn golfing...



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