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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Developer open-sources 200+ hr project (targeted at Chinese market) after client refuses to pay

What is Angel Nest?

Angel Nest is the code name of a project initially commissioned by a so called entrepreneur. The system itself and the business are modelled afterAngelList. The goal of this project was to become one of the first ones targeted at the Chinese entrepreneurship and investment market.



Might be a nice business opportunity for someone here. Just host the code, modify the design and launch!

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Do you know him?--Fred Wu I believe his name is?

The idea sounds similar as my project. But mine is still keep going now.

how much did he have to pay?

why did he refuse to pay?

and why you don't use it yourself it its so good?

I am not affiliated with this project at all. You can ask questions directly to the project's developer.

who is the project developer? may i have details?

All the info is available here: 

ah yeah got it thanks... that's what i get from reading too fast lol

btw if you wanted to learn more as per my project listed on the other page, pls reply to my email address and ill send you an NDA to fill in before discussing it.




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