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this group is for guys who are making money in the stock market ...who are losing money .......who made money.... who lost money...... who have an interest to try... let's share news,strategies,joy and sometimes pain(no pain,no gain)here ; )

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Shenzhen vs HK Stocks

Started by James Brown. Last reply by James Brown Oct 16, 2009. 2 Replies

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Comment by CHEN YUEMING on December 23, 2018 at 12:42pm

I am a profitable investor & trader with 11 years experience in financial market, including Chinese A share, Forex, I invest money in good company, market leader with character of competitive of product or service/technology/patent/formulation/industry moat/market share/irreplaceable nature/monopoly nature/franchise, etc. 

I am also help clients to identify investment opportunity in China by doing B or S recommendation of Chinese stock.

Comment by Shawn Lin on September 16, 2010 at 1:44pm
hey guys, i'm new to this group but i'm looking forward being friends with everyone here. I have some minor experience in stock investment. However, I'm still a rookie, so don't judge me to harshly. ahahaha.
Have a good one.
Comment by Cecil on April 3, 2010 at 8:58am
Hi Nat,
It's good to hear from you.
These days I prefer to let the professionals get on with the DIY jobs rather
than attempt them myself. Some times we think it's cheaper if we do it ourselves,
only to find that by the time we've bought the tools and done the work, it cost more than
what the professionals would charge and it don't look so good. So then, we have it done again
by the professionals.
I hope your kitchen is done by now and it looking wonderful :)

It would be great to see you if you came. Of course, I will be your host in London.

I've re-started my previous job in Banking on 29MAR. It was like I had not left, as all
my accounts and files in the Live, Development and Test systems were still their.

On the Shares front: GNBT is still poised for take-off and in the UK on AIM: NANO (quantum dots)
is moving up nicely.
I'm looking to the next four months to see meaningful gains.
Things are heating up with GNBT's lead product: Oral-Lyn, was on USA TV news this weeks...
It would have been nice to have this four months ago.
//for the Fox news, click on the RHS(Right Hand Side) image in the link below.

Take care for now.
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on March 16, 2010 at 10:09pm
hi,cecil.thank you for all your kindness,you are such a gentleman.
I only hold a medicine stock at present .cause I really have no time to keep an eye on the market.
I've been redecorating my appartment for two weeks.I dig a big hole on the wall between the hall and the kitchen.a new door : ) and I also make the old kitchen much bigger.
the weather is too humid rencently actually ruined my board floor.I'm replacing it with black and white tiles.
I planned to visit Europe in April.but I'm also keen to redecorate my appartment.
after careful thinking ,I give up the trip.
if I could make it . I would definitely visit you.

take care
Comment by Cecil on March 7, 2010 at 9:55am
Hi Nat.
It's great to hear form you. No problem about late reply, I've done the same ... just when we find time for it.
Your English is just fine, so don't worry about it.
Yes, I've kind of settled in, I'm in a place called Luton, 30 Miles north of London. After another three weeks here, I will
move to 20 miles south of London to Croydon. At about that time I will re-join my previous employer.

Yes, I think time is the key thing with GNBT. They have been given warning by NASDAQ about possible de-listing as the
share price is below a dollar and this must have scared some investors away. I'm expecting it to pop anytime now.

Yes, my third buy rule is a bit 'Quirky - that's just me analysing how I trade and trying to improve the way I trade.
I find that each time I buy into a share, it goes down almost immediately or in the days ahead. This is very consistent for me.
Naturally, I 'Average down' when it drops, but there is a limit to the funds I have available.
Hence, I've come up with this rule to buy small and top-up on any weakness.

I hope all is fine for you.
Take good care.
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on February 8, 2010 at 10:49am
hi..Cecil.have you settled down at home in UK?
sorry for answer you late.every time I read your analysis I feel my English is still poor.

I can see you've done a lot of research of my humble opinion,if GNBT got the core technology to monopolize its market and its market is huge as you mentioned below.then all you need is some time.As it is a medicine stock,even there will be some frustration during the recovering process of US economic,it should go strong fast,once its profit soar.if GNBT got any government's support or share of big bank,it would be better.

I read your "buy "rules and find they are very useful.but I have a question about the 3rd one. you might find the stock has hit its peak of year when it;s the time to buy it again 4 weeks later

hope everything goes well
Comment by Cecil on February 2, 2010 at 8:13pm
Hi Nat,
GNBT has been making a number of products for the last 20+ years and these are just coming to the Market.
1. New Delivery method to deliver Insulin - for Diabetics.
the USA FDA has already given IND status at phase II which means doctors worldwide can prescribe this to patents who can't take Needles or Inhaler. The product overcomes the major obstacles of Needles and Lung Cancer (with normal Inhalers) and generally storage and use of the product. GNBT's product is simply sprayed into the inner lining of the mouth and that gets delivered to the blood stream. It's the only product of it's kind in a growing multi-billion market.
The product is already approved in some countries and should get FDA phase III approval by Q3 2010.
There is a precedence here, in that the FDA has never turn down any drug that it gives IND status to, so approval should be a formality.

2. AE37 Breast Cancer Drug in Phase II.
Excellent results came out in DEC.2009 - when I read the news, I thought, yes, I can now retire .... I was expecting the stock price to be 100 USD/Share overnight.
However, this is half way result and still need another year before we get the full phase II results and then phase III will kick in.
The experts say, this is the most promising of all the Cancer drugs out their.
Additionally, this type of Cancer treatment can be applied to many other types of Cancer.

3. OTC: Weight regulation + Energy spray:CraveNx & Baboom etc.

4. Other type of drugs ... still early stage + Partnerships to come.

In Summary:
* AE37 (cancer cure, cancer vaccine for breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, Bird flu, swine flu)
* oral-lyn (diabetes)- FDA IND status; Q3 2010
* OTC Crave-NX, Baboom etc in 7000 stores in USA, more to come worldwide.800,000 USD first order.
* Strong Institutional & Insider Support -
* RapidMist - other applications will come.

More Info.

The hardest thing for me is to keep the emotions back and recently, I got in at the wrong time to top up on VIY.L and NANO.L , hence, I've
come up with the following "Buy" Rules below - my plan is to stick to them.

1. Never buy without looking at the Rules: even if u looked a thousand times before.
2. Never buy when it's always come back down, even if u have to wait 3 months.
wait for 50% retrace after a run-up.
3. Buy small at first and top-up over time; eg. wait 4 wks before buying again...."Let the trend be your friend"
4. Don't buy on Emotion ... don't need to catch it now.

So, that's why I'm very bullish on GNBT.
Of course, this is just my humble opinion and not a solicitation to buy.
Comment by Ken on January 29, 2010 at 4:07pm
thanks Li.
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on January 29, 2010 at 9:32am friend,he's a divorced Chinese guy with a teenager daughter,let me help you ask him if he want to meet you, : P
Comment by Ken on January 28, 2010 at 11:12pm
hi Li Yuan! My strategy is based on technical analysis of FX market.
I have been programming the trading robots and create models for trade and analysis.
I'm interested to meet people who work in this area in SZ.


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