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this group is for guys who are making money in the stock market ...who are losing money .......who made money.... who lost money...... who have an interest to try... let's share news,strategies,joy and sometimes pain(no pain,no gain)here ; )

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Shenzhen vs HK Stocks

Started by James Brown. Last reply by James Brown Oct 16, 2009. 2 Replies

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Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on January 27, 2010 at 9:51am
(natashalee) 1 second ago
Delete Comment really ?I have a friend who writes program to do foreign exchange.
anything you would like to share with us about your trading?
Comment by Ken on January 26, 2010 at 5:09pm
hi Li Yuan! This is investment on the foreign exchange market.
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on January 24, 2010 at 2:56pm
hi,ken,good job.what's your strategy?
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on January 24, 2010 at 2:55pm
hi,,Cecil.long time no see you.thanks for your are so patient
I'm fine.75%position.
holding bank ,medicine.motor
I wish I had sold the bank stock in Nov.
I planed to sell it out in Feb.
but the market went down ealier than I had expected.but the stocks I have are all worthy of long-term know my strategy is totally C.A.N.S.L.I.M,
I'm also worried about U.S. economic very much

I'm curious about the extent part of your strategy.why do you think CNBT is so hopeful.?
Comment by Ken on January 22, 2010 at 6:25pm
2009 annual profit 33%
Comment by Cecil on January 22, 2010 at 5:51pm
Hi Natasha, how are you doing? I hope all is well. It's been a while since I logged in here. Since we last spoke, many things have changed. I saw my Normal portfolio soared and then came back to Earth on bad data: failure to meet significant P-Value for the Cancer drug that was and still is my big play
I may have to wait another 7 Months for the final data.

Additionally, I've been trading a little more conservatively in my Pension ... here is a rundown which others may find interesting.

Warning: Anything you read from me should not be taken as investment advice. Buyer beware.
During early 2009 I started the process to get control my £115,000 GBP Pension so that I could trade it in a SIPP(Self Invested Personal Pension).
I have an unpublished Blogg somewhere which will show the trials and tribulations I've had along the way. The Blogg will also have
all my investment decisions and actions taken and why.
The valuation and details of my portfolio will also be published month by month, so people can see the changes.
I am a risk taker by nature and my intention is to aggressively grow my portfolio. In that respect, I have invested
in stocks which can give me x10 return.

GNBT is my number one play. I have firm belief it will make me a Millionaire by end of 2010.
NANO is Quantum dots... tomorrow's technology for all Light things. I will increase my position here as well as VIY.
I've been watching VIY for two months, looking for a good entry point...and I missed the opportunity to buy at 0.0402 Pence -my buy price was at 0.0401.
Anyway just before this news, I got in at 0.0689 pence... the day after, it was up +18%.
I've also been watching NANO from 74pence, hoping to get in around 50pence, however, it's continuous daily rise leads me to believe it may not come back that low.
So, I took a position this week and got in at 89pence.
All the positions I've taken are on the verge of a pop... just waiting on the news. Of course, if it's bad news, I'll be in for a surprise.
From the details below, you will see that I'm very confident about GNBT.

Over the next few days, I will get out of TMR rather than join the Class Action Suite and increase my position in VIY.
For anyone looking to do similar to me, if you plan to hold US stocks in a SIPP, it seems that you will be charged
up to 3.5 cents per share for each BUY/SELL. This is a huge premium if the stock price is low and I have complained
bitterly and have been passed around. Now, the Financial Ombudsman has taken my case, so some good may
come from it. All updates will be covered in Blogg.

My portfolio is a mixture of Biotech, Property, Oil/Gold/Uranium Exploration, Banking, Property and Technology.

My strategy:
My strategy is based to some extent on C.A.N.S.L.I.M, however, for start-ups it's hard to get rising quarterly earnings and if I
wait long enough to for the signals, the buy-in price will be higher. So, I adhere to one of the golden rules: Buy Low.
A lot of stock have fallen to levels they were at 20 years ago, so that would seem like a great buy. However, in general, their PE is
too high and I'm worried that the market failed crash (because of governments bailout), could happen in the next 15 Months - this is the
"double dip" recession perople are talking about. The US level of dept is now more than twice the amount leading up to
the "Financial Tsunami", so the same voices about imminent crash are still their.
Hence, my ideal position is to be 60% in cash. However, greed has prevented me from acting that way, but I do plan to be in
majority case by August 2010.

I don't believe in "Stop Loss", If I had been using that, I would have lost half my portfolio by now.
If you have sound reasons for buying a stock and it drops in price after you've bought, surely it's an even greater
buying opportunity. That's another good reason to always have some cash.
RPC (below) is not one of my great buys, however I have avaraged down about four times from my initial buy-in at around 75 cents.
FRE was also not a great buy, but I'm in it for the long haul.
In the current economic climate, having enough cash to survive is key. This should be of principle focus.

When my blogg is published I'll put the link here... so you can celebrate or commiserate with me whichever the case may be.

My starting position is : £115,286.07(14OCT2008) - Today's position: +5.68% (21JAN2010)

Stock Quantity Price Value (£) Cost (£) Change (£) Change (%)
ANX 48,000 0.335 USD 9,878.97 3,029.90 6,849.07 226.05
AGEN 5,882 0.84295 USD 3,046.16 4,029.76 -983.60 -24.41
CRXX 5,714 0.91225 USD 3,202.43 3,022.35 180.08 5.96
FRE 15,013 1.305 USD 12,036.59 14,923.18 -2,886.59 -19.34
GNBT 88,035 0.653 USD 35,317.84 32,339.50 2,978.34 9.21
TMR 50,632 0.30 USD 9,331.94 10,029.82 -697.88 -6.96
NANO 10,000 0.88625 GBP 8,862.50 8,964.40 -101.90 -1.14
NBS 10,000 1.825 USD 11,212.14 9,430.00 1,782.14 18.90
PRL 121,077 0.0425 GBP 5,145.77 5,537.39 -391.62 -7.07
RPC 56,666 0.345 USD 12,010.67 15,432.33 -3,421.66 -22.17
RRR 92,024 0.0195 GBP 1,794.47 1,517.44 277.03 18.26
TIBB 9,259 1.355 USD 7,707.77 5,029.86 2,677.91 53.24
VIY 27,255 0.08 GBP 2,180.40 1,899.95 280.45 14.76

Totals 121,727.65 115,185.88 6,541.77 5.68%
Exchange rates USD 1.628

UK (AIM) + NASDAQ + AMEX + NYSE //(NANO.L) Nanoco Group PLC //Red Rock Resources PLC //(PRL.L) Polo Resources Ltd

PS: None of the above is a recommendation to buy. Do so at your own risk.
The primary reason for the low share price is lack of funds. Some of these companies will go bust
Try to choose ones which have BV > PPS, so that in the event of the company going under, you will get your
money back. Eg TMR - I bought in at 29 Cents, however the BV was many times that.
TMR got into trouble when they missed a stage payment, the Bank then call-in the full amount of the loan.
After many months in discussions with the banks, TMR seems to have sold the company privately at 29 Cents/Share.
Naturally, shareholders cried 'foul' and as you may expect: lawsuit followed.
The options for TMR are limited: (another offer, settle out of court, bankruptcy). I've signed the papers for the lawsuit, but then
changed my mind because it can drag on and on and maybe bankruptcy in the end as it appears Management don't care
about shareholders at this point. If they plan to cheat you, there is little you do about it. So, I decided to get out of TMR

Comment by my name is mine, dein?nein, mein on December 7, 2009 at 8:22pm
No pain, be clever and win !!! :-) Good luck to all of u!
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on November 23, 2009 at 9:13am
the first investment book I read is "24 essential lessions for investment success "written by William J. O'Neil
Cecil gave me a better book "how to make money in stocks",also written by William J. O'Neil
Comment by D Rainbow on November 20, 2009 at 6:48pm
Hi, I don't know very much about stock market. But I am sure it must make money since so many people are so enthusiastic in it. So i am interested to join in and hope know how it work.
Comment by Li Yuan(natashalee) on November 11, 2009 at 9:36am
talking about which one to buy or when to buy
you'd better judge it by yourself


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