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Aries stands for energy, dynamic and power. Many charismatic ppl are born in the sign of Aries, like Vincent van Gogh, Charley Chaplin and Billie Holiday.

What makes us so special?

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I can not believe that you agree with me.
I have to say, now I'm speechlees. I have to face the same difficulties very single day in my life since I was born on a sunny day in April.
I refered more to the not appreciating. I'm quite a nice and very good person, but unfortunately most ppl can not appreciating that. Well I'm also tough, stubborn and always right. I'm Aries 100%!!!
A moron Aries, the best combination ever. Unique
Meet you, hmmm
I'm afraid when we are going to meet, you will be blinded afterwards by my natural beauty and grace.
legend akira kurosawa...
Depends on what you mean by powerful. Aries are supposed to be passionate and aggressive. But Taurus is stubborn and more likely to accomplish their goals. If power is words and the ability to manipulate people, maybe Gemini are the most powerful.
Recently I found the following article about Aries
As the first sign of the Zodiac, the precence of an Aries alsmost always indicates the beginning of something energetic and boisterous. Not much holds this sign back. They are eager, dynamic, quick and competitive. When ist come to getting the ball rolling, an Aries is the best. Pioneering everything from work-related projects to parties with friends, these folks go for the gusto ....... and so on
Some more facts, Strenghts: Courage, determination, self-confidence, entusiasm.
Charismatic marks: Athletic body, youthful attitude, a need to take the lead.
Best environment: Any situation that requires action, courage in the face of fear, competiyion and freedom of choice ...
If those are not powerful indications.
Aries always active persons, they never stay lazy at home and do nothing, that is the power which is need.
i interpret the meaning of 'power' to be the ability to accomplish your goals. being energetic and often beginning projects may be part of that, but i don't see it as the be-all-end-all of 'power.' since "getting the ball rolling" is normally a lot easier than seeing the ball all the way through to the end.

cancerians are supposed to be powerful lovers; leos are supposed to be powerful leaders; libra's are supposed to be powerful diplomats... blablabla... from most descriptions i've read capricorn sees like the most powerful sign since they’re supposedly never content until reaching the top. although i truly think most of it is bs, it's kinda fun to think about.
For me it is "getting the ball rolling" starting things, pushing in the the energy, accomplishing things is then just a routine. The ball will roll to the goal, but I have to kick it first, otherwise it lay down forever at the sideline.
You think Capricorn, I think Aries and a third person might think Leo. So we can ask the same question 12 times per year.
You are right about seeing things through being alot tougher than starting. What do they say about Virgos? I've found most zodiac traits to be pretty vague or applicable to alot of people from other zodiacs.
Frankly speaking i just can say something about Aries, because I am one and mostly I just read about my own kind, but if I find aomething about Virgos I will let you know.
I can say for myself I'm Aries, 100%. No matter if I read a book, a magazine or any other publication, when it come to Aries and there personality traits, I have them.
When it comes to my chinese sign, Moneky, I also can identify myself with the attibutes.

I can say for my mom, she is Sagittarius, I don't have so much of her sign.


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