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How many people here got a tattoo?
Let's talk about your tattoo or tattoos.

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Wohuuu~ show here!

I need you yo fill in the blank for me lol....I also want to add some colour.. such as red in the sun :)
hey redsune~ just come to my shop and we discuss more about this.
Hey Yoyo, I have no tattoos and won't dare to have but I wanna visit your shop sometime and take some photos.
sure,welcome~have time just come then,are you a shutterbug?
2. One is a goddess, the other is a secret. It is time for me to get number 3. Yes they are addictive.

Yoyo - I was just on your website -

Are all of these tattoo's actually done by you? If so that is wonderful, some of them are very amazing. Great work. I ask because I have a friend who has a Christmas light business in Canada, and most of the light displays on his website he just copied off of sites of others, pasted them on his, and claimed them to he his works when they are not.
Eric,all pics showed on that website are 100% done by me and the other older tattoo artist. but i dont work in that place anymore beacuse i opened my own tattoo shop with Casey. Then all pics showed on this group are 100% only done by me.

Hi im Kyle I have about thirty tattoos a couple of full sleeves, chest, back, and so on. Looking to get some more work while in Shenzhen. Also i need some new plugs for my ears got any body jewerly in your shop?

Yes,we have

cool went by the shop today guess ill see you some time in septemeber

Yeah... We are travelling in US now~



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