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I shall note down if there are English speakers working at the shops. Please help add to the list! - Tony.

1. 骑车吧 (Qi Che Ba) - Road, XC, AM, FR, DH

Shimano/Cannondale/Kuota/Orbea/Colossi/SantaCruz/Van Nicholas
frames/used frames. Recently the boys are getting into Downhill.

Shop 105, Ti Xiang Ming Yuan (apartments), 7121 Hong Li Xi Lu (Hongli West Road), Futian. Street front shop.

Tel: 0755-83329090


2. 九号 (JiuHao) No9, used to be 旗 (Qi / Flag) - DJ, Street, AM, FR, DH, XC

Specialised/Marin/Whyte/Trek/Santa Cruz/Commencal/Thompson/DT Swiss. frames/used frames.

Futian Qu (Futian District) Caitian Nan Lu (Caitian Sth Road)  Hai Bin Guang Chang (Haibin Square)

Tel: 0755-83207947
Mr Luo Mobile: 13538292834


3. 竞骑(SaiQi)《Racing》Fit 吧自行车俱乐部 - XC, Road

DIY builds/Triace/Raceface/Crank Brothers/TVT/Shimano/SRAM etc.

Speaks English: Yes, ask for Anson.

深圳福田区梅林梅北路(梅林基督教党植入500m)                                                                Shenzhen Futian Meilin BeiLu (North Road), (500m up the road from the Methodist Church)

Tel: 0755-82575294;

Anson/AhZhan: 13480182370; Dongbei: 15986601722


4. 美利达 Merida

a. 福田区福强路骏皇名居A3铺。水都酒店对面
Shop A3, Jun Huang Ming Ju (apartments), Fu Qiang Lu (Fuqiang Road), Futian. Opposite Shuidu Hotel.

Tel: 13590400009 Mr Long

5. 骑行者 (Qi Xing Zhe) Cyclist - XC, Road

UCC/Bianchi/Strida/Topeak. frames/used frames/rental service - not sure about nanshan outlet.

a. 南山店 Nanshan Outlet:

深圳市南山区工业八路104号 (招商海月花园二期)
Zhao Shang Hai Yue Hua Yuan (apartments) Er Qi (Phase 2), St no 104, Gong Ye Ba Lu (8th Industrial Road). Street front shop.

Tel: 0755-26821870


b. 福田店(体育场)Stadium outlet in Futian is back:

深圳体育场                                                                                                                        Shenzhen TiYuChang (Shenzhen Futian Stadium) Zone 3

Tel: 0755-83991515; or


6. 捷行自行车店 (Jie Hang Bike) – Road, XC, AM

Giant/Dahon/Bianchi/Avanti/Kuota/Orbea. large shop. frames/rental service.

Shatoujiao, Yantian District, 3051 Shen Yan Lu (Shenyan Road), Sha Tou Jiao, Yan Tian District

Tel: 0755-25355060


7. 捷安特 (Giant) - Giant/Dahon
Rental service at Stadium & Shatoujiao outlet.

a. 罗湖总店 Luohu Outlet:

Jing Peng Da Sha (office building), 6 Le Yuan Lu (Leyuan Road), Luohu. Street front shop.

b. 体育场店 Stadium Outlet 

深圳市福田区体育场二区一楼3号门(足球场旁)                                                                           Shenzhen Futian Stadium Zone 2 Door 3

Tel: 0755-83217705


c. 南山店Nanshan Outlet

It is directly opposite the Nanshan Decathlon outlet below.


8. 迪卡龙 (Decathlon) – French sports superstore with own brand bikes and good value.

a. 南山店 Nanshan Outlet

Corner of Nan Hai Da Dao (Nanhai Boulevard) and Gong Ye Ba Lu (8th Industrial Road).

Tel: 0755-26897878‎


b. 欧洲成 Ou Zhou Cheng (Europe Town) Outlet:

Ou Zhou Cheng (Europe Town), Corner of Sha He Dong Lu (Shahe East Road) and Bei Huan Da Dao (Beihuan Boulevard). It’s where IKEA, Sundan, Metro are located.

9. 美国崔克自行车 (Trek)

a. 深圳市南山区南头街4号荔香园小区A栋首层
A Dong (Tower A), Li Xiang Yuan (apartments), No. 4 Nan Tou Jie (Nantou Street). Street front shop. Tel: 0755-86030600


b. (*Thanks Lily) 深圳市南山区蛇口望海路南海玫瑰园二期48号商铺

Shop No.48, Nan Hai Mei Gui Yuan, Er Qi, (Coastal Rose Garden, Phase 2), Wanghai Lu (Road), Shekou, Nanshan District

Tel: 0755-26885755


10. (*Thanks Douglas Wise) TieJi 深圳铁骑自行车行  Giant / Dahon / Java

Speaks English: Yes, ask for Mark Chan at BaiShiZhou.

a. XinZhou Dahon 新洲大行

深圳市福田区新洲五街锦河苑商铺13号                                                                                         Unit 13, JinHeYuan (Apartments) XinZhou WuJie (5th Street) Futian District

Tel: 0755-83423732


b. JingTian Giant 景田捷安特

深圳市福田区红荔西路聚豪园怡景阁104号                                                                                      No 104, JuHaoYuan YiJingGe (Apartments), HongLi Xi Lu (HongLi West Road), Futian District

Tel: 0755-83155453 

c. BaiShiZhou Dahon 白石洲大行

深圳市南山区石洲中路美庐绵园C栋101号                                                                                       No 101, Block C, MeiLuMianYuan (Apartments), ShiZhou ZhongLu (middle road), Nanshan District.





Shop 56 Di Tie Shang Cheng (subway shops) Dong Men Bu Xing Jie (Dongmen Pedestrian Street) Luohu
Tel: 13510609300

Chain Link

Shop 24 Di Tie Shang Cheng (subway shops) Dong Men Bu Xing Jie (Dongmen Shopping Street) Luohu
Tel: 1365867514

You can spot the entrances to the subway shop in front of the larger Mcdonald’s, they look like underpass or subway entrances.

12. Specialized  (and other new shops at the Old Shenzhen Futian Stadium)

Shenzhen, Futian District, Sun Gang West Road

There are 3 new bike shops at the Shenzhen Stadium, on the West side I believe. Their is a large Specialized boutique store, next to that, a Giant/Dahon store, and few shops away, a UCC and Tern small-wheeled bikes dealer. They're well-stocked, nicely renovated and all worth a visit in my opinion.


13. (*Thanks Raven) 深圳南山元素单车店 Nanshan YuanSu Bike

地址:深圳市南山区龙珠大道 (塘朗山脚下)郁金香家园1栋122号铺                                       Nanshan District, Longzhu Boulevard (foot of Mt. Tang Lang), Yu Jin Xiang Huayuan (Gardens), Block 1, Shop 122.

Tel:15994731441; 0755-86231551

14. (*Thanks Raven) 深圳贝欧符合 BeiOu Composites

深圳市南山区西丽龙苑路68号湖彬苑109铺                                                                             Nanshan District, 68 Xili Longyuan Lu (Road), Hu Bin Yuan (residences), shop 109.

Tel: 0755-26783699; 13322936110



2011.10.06 updated details provided by Lily below (QiXingZhe shop is the same, but different website).

2011.10.09 New shops and details.

2011.10.26 Thanks Douglas.

2012.12.15 New Specialized, Giant, UCC stores at the Stadium

2013.11 YuanSu in Nanshan, Thanks Raven

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thats really help!


Add:Shop No.48, Phrase 2, Costal Rose Garden, Shekou, Wanghai Lu, Nanshan District

骑行者(local brand bikes)

address:nanshan Gong Ye eight road 104.Hai Yue garden 深圳市南山区工业八路104号(招商海月花园二期)  Tel:0755-26821870

Somebody knows where I can find Campagnolo spare parts and a shop with the tools to service Campy-mounted road bikes ??

Shenzhen or Dongguan are both ok...

Hi Roberto, Bike shop no1 from the list above sells a decent range of campy, both 1 and 3 have the tools for the job :)

There is bike shop in Bai Sizhou, , one of the owners, Mark Chan speaks pretty good english. He's also a very good bike mechanic.  They sell Giant, Dahon and Java.

Hi Douglas, the link you provided did not work for me, do you have other forms of contact for the shop? 

Corrected address:

Thank you for the recommendation. For road, they have good range of SRAM, Shimano and Campy parts and the guys at the shop were very kind and solved all my problems.

Definitely a good shop !

I heard there a fixie shop in ShangMeiLing... Anybody knows the address???


Hi man, thanks there is no Pro Bike in Shenzhen right ?

I love their Bikes and attention and shops, but they only I have seen in Hong Kong and last week I was in Zhuhai, I saw a Probike there with very nice bikes and set ups, there is no one of those shops in Shenzhen right ?

Hi, did you mean the Pro brand of components, that is under Shimano? The one with the arrow logo?

I believe the Onbike shop in Hongli Road is an authorised dealer. But I have not seen a complete bike in their shops.

No, I mean Pro Bike, best shop in China and Hong Kong for bikes.

I got mine there already :D




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