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Evening through the night because of the time do not afraid of the dark and tense all the way I heard my heart is like a ghost, like a mad dog to run something faster ~ ~ ~ chase more tightly then your fate. . . .

0:00 or so do not open the windows looking out (especially those living in high floor) I heard that there is something people can pull down the stairs. . . . ] __ [| |

If you do not eat the evening meal, do not pick up directly lazy and do not put the kitchen to wash. . . Dead rice. . . At least the kind of thing might not think so. If you like the kind of thing often home to your house at midnight meal I'll impress. . Maybe next meal is not a meal object. . .

Few people outside the place out when swimming (except public swimming pool) Do not swim too far from shore

Travel abroad especially in places such as the high cliffs where someone skips stay or do not do standing on the edge of curiosity. Beware scapegoat

Home late at night a person browsing books or information about what ghosts when. . Like for example, look at this post the same. Pay attention to the movement behind vigilance should be higher in order to avoid ghosts standing behind you you do not know. . . .

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