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  • songwriters

    27 members Latest Activity: Jun 3

    Group for any songwriters, lyric scribblers, tunesmiths, wouldbe collaborators and literate warblers to share, criticise, challenge and discuss…

  • Chinese corner/Language exchange

    747 members Latest Activity: Oct 19 For foreigners who want to learn mandarine/cantonese etc,for chinese who want to learn english/german/french/spanish etc. I will arrange an…

  • We love Craft Beers

    10 members Latest Activity: Mar 4

    "Drinking locally bottled Tsing Tao and Kingway is an ugly, cheap and depressing experience."


  • European People in Fu Yong !

    12 members Latest Activity: Jun 6

    Hey everybody,

    I am french and living in Fu Yong after Bao an airport, if someone is living there too and wants to see some French guy, I…

  • Creative Writing in English

    32 members Latest Activity: Oct 16

    To share original stories, poems, scribbles or your favorite paragraphs from the literatures. Writing is a good way to sort out one's thinking.

  • Omandarin

    6 members Latest Activity: Sep 22, 2013

  • Let's go hiking

    159 members Latest Activity: Oct 15

    Welcome to join, if you like hiking and travel.

  • Board Games Booze/Grog N' Cards

    78 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    For lovers of Board games and Cards.

    Drinking games, and Non-drinking games, Trivial pursuits, Stratego, Monopoly, Scrabble…

  • wine tasting group

    119 members Latest Activity: Jul 24 a group for people that like wine, for meet and taste wine together.

  • Cheese Addicts

    36 members Latest Activity: Aug 12 Are you craving for it ? For those of us who are in love with tasty, creamy, salty cheese, this is the place to come ! Come to the source, eat some…

  • Secret Hong Kong

    135 members Latest Activity: Jun 4 Born in Hong Kong, grow in Hong Kong and base in Hong Kong, I would like to let you know some secret of Hong Kong. Don't ask me question about where…

  • home cooking party

    172 members Latest Activity: Oct 17 it about cooking food together and share new recipe and at the same time having fun too

  • Chinese Language and Chinese Culture

    108 members Latest Activity: May 18

    Anyone who is interested in Chinese Language or Chinese Culture is welcome to join the group,

  • We Love Cycling

    208 members Latest Activity: Oct 14

    We Love Cycling join this group and let us go cycling 2gether!^_^



    308 members Latest Activity: Sep 18

  • language exchange

    1064 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago Good place to make friends and exchage languages. Come on,.Join it,find new friends,learn different languages and improve skills. You can keep in…

  • Mountain Climbing

    855 members Latest Activity: Jun 4

    For people who likes moutain climbing. We will gather every weekend. a Group with Real Action!

  • Old Foreign Guys (OFGs)

    39 members Latest Activity: Jun 1 Affiliated with Beer Holders Society of Luohu and Shenzhen Flat Earth Club. The objective of the group is to help the YCG members understand how…

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