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  • SOS Shenzhen

    214 members Latest Activity: May 15, 2017 Your VISA expired and you don't know how to get a new one? You are ill, but you don't know where to find a good doctor or hospital. Common problems…

  • Frenchies in SZ

    426 members Latest Activity: Oct 9, 2018 Bienvenue a tous les francais et francophones sur Shenzhen

  • Singaporean in Shenzhen

    157 members Latest Activity: Oct 9, 2018 There ain't many ppl from sg here, we shall get together some time. My name is Alfred, I have been in SZ for 1 yr. add my msn:

  • South Africans in Shenzhen

    49 members Latest Activity: Oct 9, 2018 For those South Africans who are missing there braais and there castle lager.

  • Brazucas in Shenzhen

    141 members Latest Activity: Oct 9, 2018 Patria amada Brasil ,,, 欢迎巴西友人 !!!

  • Portuguese Corner

    204 members Latest Activity: Oct 16, 2018 Portuguese is spoken for more than 250.000.000 people around the world. Is the official language of Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde,…


    1 member Latest Activity: Dec 13, 2012

    Come to get a white and brite smile with Dr.Patricia! She is giving a discount of RMB1.000 in a laser bleaching!!

    At U-Dental you do not…

  • Friday Night Dinner Club

    325 members Latest Activity: May 22, 2014

    Why eat alone on Friday nights? Come and eat dinner with the group; meet new people, check out new restaurants.


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