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Started this discussion. Last reply by Jmyfish Dec 28, 2011. 189 Replies

We have our resident blogger on the evils of racism, but I’m not going to put that much effort into it, so just a Discussion.   For me to enter a club in Worcester means that I get stared at, at…Continue

Tags: David - any more worth adding?, My Generation - The Who, Father and Son - Cat Stevens

Don't Feed the Trolls

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cynic May 19, 2014. 152 Replies

Someone I respect once described SZStuff as "the most troll-friendly site he'd ever been on".I have had a pleasant few days with the forum behaving more like a forum.  Some interesting Discussions…Continue

Where is your life in Shenzhen going?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Coffee Break Mar 3, 2010. 142 Replies

For me I have had the career and family – both still continuing – so my life doesn’t really need to “go” anywhere.  I have enough money to last the rest of my life and my main interests are in seeing…Continue

Cute guy or sexy guy,which do you prefer?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mike46 Jan 3, 2011. 134 Replies

Important question,As the title.........PS Any girl who manages to include me in either category gets a free dinner and a big kiss.PPS Thanks to Bunny for giving me the plagiaristic idea.Continue

You can't fool all the people all the time - but it's fun trying

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ning Oct 17, 2009. 125 Replies

I notice that there are none of our standard discussions showing right now so let's talk about playboys again - ready Kami? One in particular - that Mike61 guy.In my days as a moderator [retired for…Continue

Girls - Do you prefer to date single or married guys?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mike46 Aug 12, 2009. 107 Replies

OK, if you're looking for marriage then that narrows the field down a bit, but what if you're looking to develop yourself and have a good time?Advantages of married guys:....Don't get ridiculous…Continue

Where would you hide your sex toys?

Started this discussion. Last reply by NZ All BlACKS Apr 25, 2012. 96 Replies

A friend of mine has a few sex toys and may have a male friend staying in her flat for a while - some of the time when she would be out at work.  I asked if he would approve of them and she said that…Continue

Tags: Competition for Kev's Discussion at Kami's Request

How do you decide where to live?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Peace Mar 26, 2011. 92 Replies

In particular, do you take into account the probabilities of natural disasters?  I’m not talking about the people who were born and grew up there, but we mobiles who choose where we live to some…Continue

What Will You Do with One Million RMB?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hell en Sep 29, 2009. 88 Replies

You have been left a million in the will of a rich uncle, but there are conditions. You are only allowed two choices about how to spend it:1 Buy an apartment for 0.7million, a car for 0.2million and…Continue

Soulmate? Bullshit!

Started this discussion. Last reply by SD Apr 18, 2013. 87 Replies

I disagree.No man is an island entire of itselfI think that it is possible to find people who complement oneself so perfectly that soulmate makes a good description.  I think that I have found two…Continue


"It's not getting old that stops you doing things, it's stopping doing things that makes you get old."

Latest Activity

Robert replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Agree, looked hot."
SERO 高,丑,穷 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"She is tamed now, didn't start any arguments, but wait, she came with a gorgeous classmate and maybe she was afraid of her competition then pretend as a good girl during holiday"
Mike46 liked Heather Cai's blog post The Fucking Book – Less Than Mystery
Ben replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"I've contributed many brilliant and humorous posts to this site but I don't remember them all, remind me again what was the "friends of friends" joke? "
Mike46 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"You make me laugh so much some times Ben, but I think your "friends of friends" joke was the best. Makes me chuckle every time I think of it."
Ben replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"See kids, always have a purpose in life otherwise you will end up like this Old Masochist above just drifting away his life chasing pussy."
Robert replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"I think you need to teach Alan a lesson for that, like taking you out drinking tonight."
Mike46 commented on Mike46's blog post Trips around Houhot, Inner Mongolia
"Of course there was a girl along - who do you think was holding the camera. You know one who it wasn't, as she was in Turkey, so that only leaves the other 250 girls I know to choose from."
Mike46 posted a status
"@Izzy - you seem to have turned off notifications, so my response doesn't show on the front page or at the top of your page - scroll down."
Mike46 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Oh poor Kelly, but it doesn't say much for the transport planning skills of the pair of you. I'm sure that Alan got hell and will get more hell for some time to come. I can just imagine Kelly in full flow - like on the day of your Beach…"
Mike46 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"I guess you mean that one in the pink scarf. At least that's the one I've seen moments from. She never feels a day is complete without a good argument. She was a lot less ambitious with her National Week trips back in 2009 - this was in…"
Ben replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Well, if you use the right head to think most of time you would be more observant. :)))"
SERO 高,丑,穷 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Ohhh...I didn't know you had a brain to think )))"
Ben replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"I think as long as you have anything with a vagina next to you, you will be happy. ;))"
SERO 高,丑,穷 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Hahahaha..I wasn't with her in balloon..."
Robert replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"So you didn't drop her out of the ballon?:-)"
SERO 高,丑,穷 replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Yes, a friend from shenzhen was in Istanbul during national holiday and if I tell you who she was, you would guess how terrible was my week ;))"
SERO 高,丑,穷 commented on Mike46's blog post Trips around Houhot, Inner Mongolia
"No any YCG as a guide?? surprised if like that...."
kelly replied to Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?
"Lucky you! The taxi driver shoube be punished! The punishment will be 1000RMB. I was on the HSR yeterday. Terrible Day! We only got the ticket from hengyang to chenzhou, which means i need to stand 2 hours in the train. It is very crowded on the…"
kelly liked Mike46's discussion Any Good Horror Stories from National Week?

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
It's Complicated
Where are you now?
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Strategic Transport Planning Consultant
I'm looking for...
About Me:
I spend half my life in Shenzhen and half in the UK. I have travelled the World for the last 35 years, living in Hong Kong, Singapore, Algeria, Bolivia and the USA as well as visiting about another 50 countries. Honestly, I often think that it would be good to act my age, but it is so difficult.

I don't have msn so don't bother to ask. I prefer that we talk on the public comment boards here so that I can remember what I've told you. At the moment I'm getting a lot of comments and, while I try to respond to all, I may miss one. So if you think that I'm ignoring you, I'm not so just resend it.

Outline of my Travels

For those who requested it. There were many other short stays in other countries, but these were places that I lived in a house or flat.

1946-1965 Home and school in Slough just outside London

1965-1968 Studied Pure Mathematics at University of Bristol – an interesting historic city in the west of England. A great time.

1968-1973 Worked in London and lived as various places, at home, in flats, with gfs – usually no money by mid-month.

1973-1976 Moved to HK for a big salary increase, so “rich” at last. Lived in the mid-levels with plenty of social life. My HK gf wouldn't marry me because it would mean leaving HK.

1976-1978 Moved to Algeria a mixture of Arab and French background. Interesting cities and splendid mountain and desert scenery. Good strong wine and excellent food. Met my wife – a long and romantic story, both in the normal sense and Jane's.

1978 Columbia, SC, USA – not very interesting.

1978-1980 La Paz, Bolivia, South America at 4000m elevation in the Andes Mountains. Everything about the place was great – the people, the parties, the incredible scenery. Go to Bolivia if you have the chance.

1981 HK again. Birth of my elder daughter, Kathleen, now living in South Africa.

1982-1983 Singapore – quite boring after HK. Birth of my elder son, Alex.

1984-1985 HK yet again. The two kids limited us, but we had a good time.

1985-1988 New Haven, Connecticut, USA. It was time to settle down, so we went to live in America. We made very few friends and were poor again.

1988-1999 HK once more. Rich again – my wife was in property and earning more than me. The peak of my career – if you talked about transport in HK you talked about me. Birth of my younger daughter, Shelly, and my younger son. Chris. Death of my elder son.

1999-present Bought our house in Worcester for a nice quiet life and I commute to various places – mostly SZ – for work and excitement.

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Mike46's Blog

Trips around Houhot, Inner Mongolia

Posted on September 23, 2015 at 3:14pm 6 Comments

We got there by flying through Bayannur – no I’d never heard of it either. We had a couple of trips out of the city.

First we went pony riding on the grassland, but not much grass though plenty of sunflowers. The ponies had been well-trained to ignore any signals from the reins or the legs and just follow the horse in front. Also the stirrups were not adjustable, so some of us had our knees hitting our chins, while others couldn’t reach them. Bloody expensive too, but still…


Trip to the Hukou Falls on the Yellow River

Posted on August 26, 2015 at 9:30am 8 Comments

We based ourselves at Yan’an in Shaanxi, which is about two hours north of Xi’an by high speed train. It’s a famous town in Communist Party history – where the Long March finished – but we didn’t see too much of that. The main point was to see the waterfall.

We hired a car/driver for a day and off we went to the Yellow River, which is brown from all the silt it picks up cutting through the loess plateau. So below you can see the river above the falls, then below the falls, then at the…


Trip to Chengyang

Posted on August 18, 2015 at 1:00pm 11 Comments

For family reasons my son’s summer trip was brought forward by three weeks so I wasn’t able to make my usual plans. . I managed to rearrange my times out of the office so we could go on a brief trip to Sanjiang this week. Of course all the high speed train tickets from Shenzhen and Guangzhou had been sold, so we took the overnight sleeper to Guilin with vague plans about how to get on from there. Alas the dining/drinking car has been discontinued, so it wasn't as much fun as five years…


Too True

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 11:47am 4 Comments

Douglas Adams’ rules about technology:

1) Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. [1946]

Knowing all your neighbours

Steam engines

Snow in winter


2) Anything that’s invented between when you’re 15 and 35 is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can…


Yesteryear - How did you respond to Blogs?

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 10:00am 20 Comments

Here are some typical responses to Blogs published by a single author a while back - do you recognise your own? Who wrote the Blogs?


I heard that some activities happening in Peninsula Polo,, Best regards.


You should try Whiter Russian, it makes me happy. Haha


I feel bombing the hell out of whatever that's making you blog like this.


Ladies and gentelmen this is becoming a world…


Me to a "T"

Posted on February 11, 2015 at 2:30pm 25 Comments

I just compared myself to a younger version of David Niven, so I looked him up on wiki and found:

What he said about himself when asked why he seemed so incredibly cheerful all the time: "Well, old bean, life is really so bloody awful that I feel it's my absolute duty to be chirpy and try and make everybody else happy too".

What was said about him: "I don't think his acting ever quite achieved the brilliance or the polish of his dinner-party…


That Reminds Me

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 10:00am 9 Comments

I have just used a phrase from Adventure – one of the great original text based computer games that I played on a Prime 550 micro in about 1981. We had that and Bomber in which you had to nuke various Russian cities, and *trek where you had to fight Klingons. I spent many happy hours in Singapore…


China: Fake bank swindles customers out of RMB 200m : from BBC News

Posted on January 24, 2015 at 9:17am 8 Comments

To customers in the eastern city of Nanjing the interior looked like any other state-owned bank, with uniformed clerks working behind the counters, the Southern Metropolis Daily website reports.

Almost 200 people deposited their cash, including a businessman who handed over 12m yuan ($1.9m; £1.3m) in 2014. But he grew suspicious when he wasn't paid the promised interest on his money, and went to the police after the bank refused to return his savings. A police investigation found… Continue

One of Those Journeys

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 1:23pm 4 Comments

I travelled back with Emirates through Gatwick and Dubai, because my ticket was bought by my house-buying wife - don't worry girls I paid her back - and that was the cheapest. I left the house in Worcester at 11:30am on Monday. with my daughter giving me a lift to the station. The railways worked perfectly to I got to the airport three and a half hours before scheduled take-off. Then that Virgin plane made an emergency landing and so my flight, and all others, was delayed for between two and…


Girls - Who Needs Friends?

Posted on December 12, 2014 at 8:30am 8 Comments

A week ago I didn't even know these things existed but now I've seen dozens if not hundreds. You can take pictures of yourself in front of beautiful scenery or famous sites without your nose looking like a walrus or the help of a "friend". Friends just get in the way - you have to make some sort of…


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At 4:16pm on October 8, 2015, Isabelle said…

My phone's dead beyond resurrection, so I'm unreachable by phone at the moment.

At 11:37pm on June 3, 2015, Candy Pang said…

yeah ur right. i dont come here often since i changed my job around 3yrs ago. hmmm...what to say... that comment was left on my page becuz i was doing it on  my smartphone.

btw, i've already accepted ur request.

At 10:39pm on June 2, 2015, Penélope said…

hehe, to be honest, I was just browsing it very quickly, I didn't quite understand the 2nd and the 3rd photo, still don't know how they work. but I like selfie-pole in the first photo, because I just tried it a couple of days ago. And I liked your words, always intelligent and humorous in your own special way. 



At 10:26pm on June 2, 2015, Penélope said…

hi Mike,

As I observed that members on here who liked their own profile are usually young girls, as I am Chinese and I was once young too, so from the young girls perspective, I think it's about a vanity issue. Because there are many other females members whose profile/photos had been liked by many others. And ususally because they are not familiar with the site, they didn't know other people can see that they did to their own profile/photos.

As you can see, I can be pretty straight-forward too! hehe, And I believe that my instinct and observation are probably right, so I never ask them to save their self-pride.

As you can see, if you ask, they would say that's a accidental mistake.

At 5:52pm on June 2, 2015, Candy Pang said…

@Mike46. i didnt know it until you told me that here. hmmm,i think it's a mistake. just wrong operation on that page.

At 10:22am on June 2, 2015, Penélope said…

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your friend request! Glad to be one of your friends!

At 9:23pm on May 23, 2015, Black Rose said…

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing the story.

I checked all the comments,and i just checked again before this comment that i am writing, no any confused comments from you and Robert. You might remembered it wrong, but it doesn't matter.

Back to 2008, i was still in university and just 18 years old, so no chance that i am that Rose, by the way, Rose isn't my name, Named Black Rose here is just for fun. That Rose might be already married and having a happy life, no longer coming here.


Black Rose

At 11:20pm on May 22, 2015, Black Rose said…

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comment.

I'm not confused about the comments that you and Robert have made to me, what i'm confused now is what are those comments? I never seen them.

By the way, who is Robert? I'm definitely not that ROSE that you and Robert assumed that i am, what is the story about you,Robert and that ROSE?

At 11:23am on May 12, 2015, kelly said…

Mike, I tried to call you the day before yeterday, it turns out that power off. Since no wechat connected anymore, i come to say hi. hope everything goes well.

So are you in UK now? Call me when you back.

At 11:51am on April 7, 2015,
My Weixin is on my page
danielle huang

Ah finally know what you meant.Thank you for telling me. Actually its my first time to try to customize my page with other color.But the page its in english so i am not familiar to use.

At 11:39am on April 7, 2015,
My Weixin is on my page
danielle huang

Thank you for the advice.Sorry,i dont get it clealy.

At 12:20pm on April 2, 2015, 我是维奇 said…
Cool, if you made it on a Saturday, we could all meet up! :))
At 11:48am on April 2, 2015, 我是维奇 said…

Hi Mike!

Welcome back! 

We're leaving for Korea this afternoon, back on 8 April.

Are you going to be in HK any time soon? I am afraid I won't be able to get to China for a while: my visa expired in February. 

At 6:04pm on March 11, 2015, Nina Chen said…

Hi Mike,

Finally I remember here so I am back.

I am from a tiny village from a tiny town from the part that close to Guangdong Province, its about 3 hours by speed train to Shenzhen.

I wouldn't have any long vacation till the national holiday, I am thinking of going to Australia.

But I do have the Tomb-sweeping Day and May day holiday, which of course its only 1 day plus the weekend. I am wondering do you guys have any activities for these two holidays?



At 12:05pm on February 18, 2015, Arrica said…

Thanks Mike!

At 4:01pm on February 17, 2015, Zen on my back said…
Someone left some offensive comments on pictures you posted. I bothered to delete two.
At 6:49pm on February 2, 2015,
My Weixin is on my page
Asia Stuff Media

OK. I'll change it back.

At 9:58am on February 2, 2015, Kev said…

At 3:57pm on February 1, 2015,
My Weixin is on my page
Asia Stuff Media
He's banned again
At 4:56pm on January 30, 2015, Nina Chen said…

Hi Mike,

I went to Siem Reap in 2012, I spent 3 days cycling in Angkor, I loved it! I adore places like that , historical and cultural!!! Apartment from Angkor Wat, I also spent a few days in Yogyakarta in Indonesia last Feb, where the Borobudur is! Amazing!!!!

And that I am based in SZ, I would have more time in Asian I would love to travelling with your guys sometime. 

Thank you for the dinner invitation over Chinese New Year but I am afraid I will be back to Guangxi with my family. I would really happy to attend if you can make it over the weekends.


And good luck for you as well.






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