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Mr. Lev Yur'evich Kamensky (ij)
  • Male
  • Shenzhen, Guandong province, thinking about Indonesia
  • China, mainland

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a riddle

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mr. Lev Yur'evich Kamensky (ij) Dec 17, 2010. 36 Replies

Ayn Rand has said that there is a right side and there is a wrong side and what is in-between is evil. but let's take another example, one side is half-right, non-corrupt but self-rightous…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by NZ All BlACKS Dec 10, 2010. 26 Replies

Foreignerland is a country where everybody is [fill in the blank] Continue

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Relationship Status:
Russia, USA, Malaysia, India, China
Where are you now?
Shenzhen/Hong Kong
District (in Shenzhen):
looking for in HK
I'm looking for...
Friends, Networking, Business Partners, Language Exchange, Dating
About Me:
In personal life I hate men and like women; in professional/volounteer life I empower men in romantic relationships and support men's rights. I am an extremely confident and experienced man, women find me very funny. I am half nice guy - half jerk. Ask for my mobile number so we can meet face to face. This site is great as a starting point, for people with similar interests to find eachother, but after that we have to remember that 90% of communication is non-verbal (enthusiasm in the voice, the tone of voice accounts for fourty and body language accounts for fifty %), also you can't get physical in 2d. We are all strangers until we meet face to face and pass the Physical Pleasantness Test. After we have already met, then this site is nice for bonding. But first we have to get that Vegan get together or a snooker get together out of the way.

Interests, activities, likes, abilities, exchange telephone numbers

///Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius///
---------Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will."

"Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit."

"Evil report carries further than any applause."
---------Baltasar Gracian

"To make oneself hated is more difficult than to make oneself loved."

"Know how to play the card of contempt. It is the most politic kind of revenge. For there are many of whom we should have known nothing if their distinguished opponents took no notice of them. There is no revenge like oblivion, for it is the entombment of the unworthy in the dust of their own nothingness."
---------Baltasar Gracian

“The Crusade was a religious movement, but it was also a perfectly rational movement, one might almost say a rationalist movement … religious war is in itself much more rational than patriotic war …. it cannot be denied that there is more of mere … prejudice in fighting a patriotic war than in fighting another faith. The Crusader is in every sense more rational than the modern conscript or professional soldier.”
---------G. K. Chesterton

"If people are hating on you, it means you must be doing something right. The only time people have something to say about you is if you're doing big things, if you're a somebody. The more people talk about you – good or bad – the more people want to know about you. When you hate on others, you make them the star on stage, while you're just a critic in the audience."
---------Pimpin' Ken

"Unity of command is essential to the economy of time. Warfare in the field was like a siege, by directing all one's force to a single point a breach might be made, and the equilibrium of opposition destroyed."

"It is the mark of our whole modern history that people are kept quiet with a fight. They are kept quiet by the fight because it is a sham fight; thus most of us know by this time that the Party System has been popular only in the sense that a football match is popular."
---------G. K. Chesterton

"If you don’t stand up for truth, your words have no life and your already dead."
---------A bitch on MySpace

"Patience is Faith"
---------PG Kamensky

Caravaggio, Amor Victorious. Cupid prevailing over all human endeavors - war, music, science, government.

"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."

“There are no boring subjects, only uninterested people.”
---------G. K. Chesterton

"An educated fool is more foolish than an ignorant one."

"Bad men live that they can eat and drink, whereas good men eat and drink that they may live"

"Love is war"
---------General Love

"Paradise is for the patient"
---------Algerian Proverb

"By putting forward the hands of the clock you shall not advance the hour."
---------Victor Hugo

"Criticism and Bolshevism have one thing in common. They both seek to pull down that which they could never build."
---------Noel Coward

"I would teach the world that scientists start by trying very hard to disprove what they hope is true."
---------Antony Hoare

"Experiments are not just about proof --------- some of them have an intrinsic elegance, that you just want to go back to and look at again and again."
---------Simon Baron Cohen

"You do not have to be a scientist to do science; you can be a child, a computer, or an intelligent rat. As long as you can verify a result, it is part of science."
---------Seth Lloyd

"I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received."
---------Antonio Porchia

I do not want contacts that just lurk on my friend list. Start by leaving a comment summarizing why you want to be my contact. Tell me what you can contribute.

"The wise does at once what the fool does at last."
---------Baltasar Gracian

"Raillery is a mode of speaking in favor of one's wit at the expense of one's better nature."
---------Charles de Montesquieu

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed no hope at all"
---------Dale Carnegie

"To multiply small success is precisely to build one treasure after another. In time one becomes rich without realizing how it has come about"
---------Frederick the Great

"Perseverance, secret of all triumphs."
---------Victor Hugo

“A person without knowledge is in a world without light. … Knowledge without courage bears no fruit.”
---------Baltasar Gracian

"There is more where this came from"
---------Patrick William Kenealy

“When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other”
---------Eric Hoffer

• An unwise person applies a principal in the wrong situation. As Robert Greene said, “Things only have meaning in relation to one another. An event here will never mean the same if it happens there”. You must be able to tell the difference between different situations.

• Quoting an Authority helps the student internalize a principle. An unwise person thinks everyone I quote is a fount of wisdom. Not so! As Seneca said “I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good.” So follow this golden rule: never assume.


• Women speak womanese. A woman will say one thing to a man she has low Interest Level in and another to one she has a high Interest Level in. Women are chameleons. The positive in that is that variety makes life more fun. Taking rejection or womanese personally is inefficient.


• There is a correlation between how attractive you are to women and the size of your balls. When you have an EARNED sense of life of having big balls, you emit that aura which women’s radar picks up.


• Your self-esteem level (which is similar but not exactly the same as the size of your balls) is reflected in the degree to which you do not care what others think when there is nothing really wrong with what you are doing.


• An aura can’t be acquired overnight, it is a slow process. Overnight success in anything is a myth. Patience and realistic expectations are the keys to life. You have to ascend a staircase stair by stair, you can skip a few, but the reality factor says you can’t leap over a very tall flight of stairs.

• When you do not have the balls with beautiful women you start with lower ranking women on the beauty scale and work your way up. A man with a low Interest Level has more balls, so you want to get used to having balls by dating less beautiful women, than you will acquire an aura which will attract more beautiful women. This is how you proceed if your Self---Esteem has been set back from all the blows. We all have balls when we are delivered from the womb, that is nothing special, but to keep your balls as time goes by takes a lot of sense.

Admiral Love Press staff using the dollar to wipe their ...
gold coins

///The ignorant fairy/// by Magritte ///i am a poor little confused girl/// yeah right and the grass is lavender

///The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth.///
---------Jean de la Bruyere

admiral love ///the CONSCIOUS charmer///


• women do the choosing because men can have thousands of babies but women can only have one or a few in nine months plus the menopause

• all women are competing for the few men of superior character that exemplify the three male romantic character strength traits --- challenge, control, and confidence these men are only the three percent of the male population, the rest of the male population are usees or rejects!!!


• these are the men with whose babies women want to overpopulate the planet

Current. Vegan, or Reasonable Fruitarian; working on switching handedness from right to left and would like to become a left-handed fencer, but remain a right-handed boxer; recently I have developed an interest in pool: It is interesting how each shot sets you up for the next, so you have to plan all the way to the end (grand strategy); I am a chicks' expert, and am looking for a job as a TV show host; interested in making money as a professional boxer, and donate a part of my prize money to animal rights; interested in nude figure drawing; interested in Indonesia; Dating and Seduction is my way of life for almost twenty years; I am a Radical Life Extention/Anti-Aging/Rejuvination enthusiast with connections in scientific circles; I have a social network of my own,, which goes deeper into my philosophical formula; I am open to taking up the burden of being a comic romantic lead a la Cary Grant; I would like to improve my social dancing and a stand up comedian abilities; I like liberty, but with a dictatorial element with respect to the ethical treatment of animals; currently renting a two bedroom on the twenty fourth floor, near exit E of Guo Mao station, across the street from King Glory Plaza. Appartment G (for God?); I am open to meeting positive, happy, energetic, action oriented men and women with the same interests who have success generating habits, so we can encourage and cheer eachother on (no negative, unhgappy, unlucky, and sedentary types); please send me a private message with your telephone number if you are a hot girl, or if you share my interests and are not a complete ogre.

 Philosophical Thoughts

Misinterpreters. Early Christians and Lao Tzu were vegans, while Chinese and Western history are steeped in blood. Misinterpreters write history in blood. It almost makes one not want to give advice, because you promote falsehood to more people (those who misinterpret your words) than truth (as there are more fools in the world.) Stalin misinterpreted Victor Hugo. Aushra Augusta misinterpreted Jung. Feministas misinterpret Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand misinterpreted Aristotle. Hitler misinterpreted Wagner. Wagner misinterpreted Schopenhauer. Schopenhauer misinterpreted Baltasar Gracian. With every misinterpretation it gets from bad to worse. That's how the truth gets distorted.

Mainstream political parties. They take the wrong side of the argument just because their opponent has taken the right side. In India Liberals are for slaughtering animals because Conservatives are against it. In USA conservatives are for it because Liberals are against it. Same thing with abortion, guns or any other issue, while Libertarians support all of them just because statists are against them.

Violence. The reason I allude so much to war is because Reality is impartial. It is the same in bloody and benign conflicts. The principles of strategy are the same, so it serves an educational purpose. But we are against physical violence. Napoleon actually abhorred bloodshed. He has been maligned by the jealous haters of his time. He was a finesse general who won many battles simply by marches, and his aim was to disarm the enemies to protect the republic. The art of war is tactics over violence. Men commit unnecessary violence to be recognized as the victor, therefore the hero of heroes is someone who doesn’t care about recognition... As Napoleon said, "A man, worthy of the name, hates no one." Especially not a conscript. Watch the Cross of Iron.

Combining morality with worldly success. Read only eBooks, watch DVDs, publish books on 100% cotton paper If you want to publish something, publish it on 100% synthetic or cotton paper and (It is twice the quality of regular paper.) It's not about the environment it's about the environed --- such as autotorphs, nature's first handers. Even grazing animals are predators! They finished off all the stromatolites (the autotrophs that produced most of the oxigen on earth.) But veganism is an excusable first step because it takes ten times more plant food to feed an animal raised for human consumption than it does to feed a vegetarian. The ideal of nourishment is from non-sweet botanical fruit (raw avocados, olives, champignons (fruiting bodies of fungi), in extra virgin olive oil; soya milk; tofu and thinly sliced cucumber (botanical fruit) and (synthetic) vitamin B12 supplement (always pay attention to the ingredients and pay attention in general). You have the free choice to have a perfect slender body, follow this "Reasonable" Fruitarian Diet AND stay off processed grains and sugars! The only way to be happy is to combine moral living with worldly success. Haste makes waste, there are always alternatives to succeed by better means that you do not know of. You will not only achieve your ends, but your victory will last, because you will be admired for the means you used to get there as opposed to despised. Remember, there were no taxes and no pollution in the garden, and best of all - no parking meters!

Heroes. I look forward to their birth. Actually nobody is born a hero he must work on becoming one. It is better to become a hero at once than at last.


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Posted on January 13, 2011 at 12:51am 9 Comments




Posted on December 17, 2010 at 8:30pm 6 Comments

 Sir, Thanks for the enlightening inputs from your side.I will try to change my attitute.


I was on fruitarian diet for couple of week[approximately 3 weeks] then i was tempted to eat other dishes and finally quit it. My diet consisted only of cucumber, tomato, papaya and oranges. As i don't like avocados, mushrooms and tofu, i didn't include those for my diet. I became weak with this diet and finally parents and doctors forced me to quit it. I want to…


MINOR DATING CHALLENGES, sample article by Doctor "Gold Dust" Love aka Admiral Love

Posted on December 16, 2010 at 3:46pm 3 Comments

Dear Admiral Love,


I am dating a girl,  she is good, keeps messaging me always[morning and night], but she herself paid the bill on the first date. Now am planning for second date.

On the first date, everything was in haphazard, i didn't see her place in advance, didn't know where exactly to go[I just told her that we are going to a coffee date] and just sat in a Coffee Day. I cracked some…


to save or to earn?

Posted on December 14, 2010 at 11:00pm 3 Comments

save money by finding cheap alternatives or earn more by becoming rich and famous ?
which is more difficult to you?

A fight at Club Popo

Posted on December 11, 2010 at 1:00pm 6 Comments

I went to Club Popo (across from Viva near Coco Park) on 12-11 at 10:00 PM to watch a Sun Da fight between a "Soviet" athlete and a local one prodded by Miss L. She stood me up for coffee earlier at 7:30 I did not feel like staying because of the situation between Miss L. and myself as it turned out to be in reality, and was in a hurry to take the Metro back to Guo Mao before it closes as I did not have money for Taxi. At first there was nobody in the Russian Federation's…



Posted on December 7, 2010 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

Bard is a person, who is not a professional singer, he composes both the music and writes the lyrics and performs his own songs. It is similar to American folk music.

However one Bard transcended the elitist air of Bards and rose to popular fame, his name was Vladimir Vysotskij. His songs are metaphores or allegories. He tries to show how people of characher think, percieve, and behave in extreme situations.…


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At 11:07pm on February 3, 2011, mini diana said…
nice to meet you,r u a dj?where do u play,xx
At 1:22am on January 8, 2011,
My Weixin is on my page
At 12:43pm on December 24, 2010, kam (alibaba) said…

hello are you and how the things are going i am sorry been very busy all these days didnt get time to meet you i am going back tom so hope to see you soon next time .

At 9:14pm on December 20, 2010, Alice in Wonderland said…
Happy birthday!:)
At 9:09am on December 20, 2010, Xue Jing said…

xie xie....The same whish to you :)

At 10:22am on December 19, 2010, THiNKTaNK said…

Thanks my brother. I know one lost soul in particular who is obsessed with me...No sweat:-)


They will discover the futility of hatred when they finally grow up physically, mentally, sexually, and most importantly - spiritually. Until then, yes, truth hurts but I consider all "haters" swine because I don't know how to hate. And hating people you've never met is pretty unimaginative and lame, don't you think?


God Bless. Continue being yourself, bruh:-)

At 11:10am on December 17, 2010, YES RASTA said…

Welcome to the Group YES RASTA! :)




At 3:08am on December 16, 2010,
My Weixin is on my page

5 hometowns

At 10:00am on December 15, 2010, Lilypad said…

aloha! I'm not a gemini :-) see you soon tonight at the vegan!

At 9:07pm on December 14, 2010, kam (alibaba) said…

thanks again and nice of you .

At 1:17am on December 13, 2010, kam (alibaba) said…

hey thanks for u r gift man i will be back sz after 3 days then lets meet

At 3:01am on December 11, 2010, kam (alibaba) said…

hey thanks for wonderful reply with your add request lol

At 4:39pm on December 5, 2010, Monika said…
well actully I'm not a full~vegan , but I'm aiming at it , I haven't eat meat more than two years , and I'm feeling good. InChina , it's really difficult to keep being as a vegan , but I'm trying to . as for my phone number , I prefer meet first , and then get my number. good luck, enjoy your days here~~:)
At 2:15pm on December 2, 2010, James Baquet said…
Hi. Welcome to Veg in SZ and Dharma Friends. Join us sometime!
At 5:28pm on December 1, 2010, Monika said…
hi, glad to know you , and welcome to shenzhenstuff , enjoy you time here , you'll meet many new friends , so glad that you are alse vegan~:)


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