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hope everything will be fine

>you must know what to do.


>When I thought about what major should I went on to learn in 2009, I just followed my heart: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I thought it must be a promising subject in the future industry. Why not trying it?


Luckily, I am really talent in this major during my graduate period, which made me quite proud of myself.

>It did show a quite…


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The Leadership Series: To Build a Great Workplace

Get EQ, Management & Leadership Right…


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be like a peach in a relationship

Juicy with short soft fuzzy hair.

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be like a banana in relationship

slippery  to be easy to slip inside.  nothing hold on me, catch me if you can, don't try me I can make you fall head over heals over and over again.

thick skin yet soft inside: yes I am easy to mould very flexible but do you have the patience to look beyond the thick skin

enjoy me till it last, once over ripe cant do much about......

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Brazil vs. Germany

The Art of Ruthless Efficiency (Danger Zone)…


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On the sky in Shekou


今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!

今天蛇口的天空 - 朴 - 酸甜苦辣咸,是为真味!



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Shit guess what happened

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Teaching Done Right

What Great Educators Instinctively Believe…


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More important facts of life (Series XVII, Section 12, Cabinet XC-831)

23% of all photocopier faults world-wide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their butts.

(I don't always send photos of my butt around, but when I do, it's awesome)

Added by Stink Tank on July 9, 2014 at 1:18am — 1 Comment

A cinematographic trip down memory lane (Capitolo Cinque)

A trip down memory lane this time: the chance to watch again Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Miyazaki, 1984) brought me back fond memories of my childhood, and, better still, sharing the vision with my students opened a window to the person I was 30 years ago.

I first watched this movie nearly 30 years…


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More Than Any Other, Love & Music Are The Most Powerful:


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Who is The Fred?

This article has been up for over five months and I have just noticed it now. ;

Published in The World of Chinese:

Bruce Wayne runs Wayne Enterprises during the day and roams the streets of Gotham at night. Clark Kent writes for the Daily Planet during the…


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Experienced ESL teachers salaries going down! ... Underpaid unexperienced ESL teachers taking over! China

It's been over 7 years since qualified and experience Foreign ESL teachers salaries haven't seen any upgrades since the quality of ESL education has been downgrading due to the booming of English language education demand and a proliferation of unlicensed private training centers in which education, teaching and…


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The Leadership Series
: Adding Real Value

How To Become a Leader of Value…


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Breakthrough Idea for Saturday July 5th

Thank you for all your feedback to my award-winning blogs. I will add more flashy animations to my award-winning flashy animation collection, then present them in future award-winning blogs. After seeing them, you will wish you were only on crystal meth.

Today's revolutionary, breakthrough idea: Don't fucking plagiarize half the Internet, and mark them with your name, as if you were such a genius. Note: you're not a genius. Just someone, who knows how to do CTRL-C/CTRL-V.



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Seeking Asian Female

Pressure, Marriage & Aging (Special Series)…


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World Hypocrisy Day - 4th of July

The International community has declared 4th of July to be celebrated as World Hypocrisy Day.

The day is not observed as a National holiday in any country apart from the United States and is celebrated as a day when people accuse others of evildoing despite being culprits themselves.


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Breakthrough Idea for Friday July 4th

Well, I missed out yesterday as I was meeting my new boyfriend, Biggus Dickus.

So here another wisdom: "Don't pretend to be superior, because you're not. You're just as remarkable as a dust particle 5.8 light years away".




Added by Stink Tank on July 4, 2014 at 12:44am — 5 Comments

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