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Shyeh Shyehz Thank Youz Graciaz for Checking out Tiger SharkZ Comedy!

Want to say major respeck, booyakashaz & spank uze ya guys rock!

to all our friendly folks & funny fans of Tiger SharkZ Comedy!!

Speaking for all us fellow cameleons (comedians), we had 1 helluva 

rolla coasta thrill ride cracking jokes with ya laffin u into hysterics! 

shouting out our great degree of gratitude 4 coming out 2 Shekou

2 watch us perform on Sunday nite at Sea World Blu Bamboo!

It was a fantastic time & most definitely…


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The Dialogue Between Puerh Tea and Grape Wine: The Magic of Time


Puerh Tea: Raw Puerh 2008&2010.Brilliant Puerh.Jing Mai Mountain



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Sports Science: Intro Running by Dr. Cosman

"This series of running tips comes in the midst of working with runners from every level since over 3 decades. My theme often reverts to technique fundamentals; the science of the sport.  Since the 1970s, I was fortunate enough to train and work with amazing athletes and brilliant coaches.  In sports, fads and advances like shoe design, analytics and training drills might change, but the fundamentals remain true.

I am a sports injury doctor, therapist, trainer, teacher and retired…


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Tea Tour of Yi Wu in May, 2016

“Be always flexible.” I told my friends before we started this tea tour. We decided to visit tea mountains in early May because spring tea was almost done, and we would not be crashed by those innumerable tourists or tea business men. …


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How does Kunming weather effect puerh tea?


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What does the data of Singles' Day tell?

 (The total sales of Tmall and taobao in…


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357's philosophy of puerh tea and 750's wisdom of grape wine

You know that the
common size of puerh cake is 357g. But have you wondered why ? Does 357 mean something special?

Puerh cakes can be dated back to 2000 years ago although there is no conclusive proof. Its called Round Tea(Chinese: 圆茶,…


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Beautiful campus~~


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Anyone in the same industry of Game device and consummer electronics products?

Please contact me if you are in the same industry of game device and electronics products.

Hope we can share some idea and experience sometimes.

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Or email me if any…


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4 types of quality inspection

Four types of quality inspection services are usually distinguished. Each one corresponds to a particular step in the production process. They are all part of the toolbox of every importer, when it comes to buying in China and other low-cost Asian countries.

The four types of quality inspection services:

Quality inspection services

All quality…


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Trump's Immigration Proposals, Part One

This is part one of a two part series on Trump's immigration proposals. In part one, I discuss the southern wall, Muslim ban and the possibility and enforcement methods of mass deportation. 

You can access the full article here: Trump's Immigration Proposals

Best Regards,
L. Ford Banister, II
U.S. Immigration and…

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2 Years in a Nutshell

A lot has happened in the last two years. Here is a quick update.

After irreconcilable differences with the partners at Jiahua, I decided to leave the company in October 2014. I then spent a year in Brazil teaching and travelling and enjoying my life. I had a blast and hope to return to beautiful Brazil again some day.

In Sept. 2015, I moved to Hong Kong for six months, then Zhuhai for six months before returning to Vancouver, Canada, in September 2016. 

Now I am…


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Why haven't the Chinese forgiven them?

Do the Japanese have shame for the military crimes committed by their army in the 20th century (like the Nanking incident, for instance) like the Germans have shame for theirs during World War II?

Jimmy Liu, I've been told I'm Chinese...

34.2k Views • Jimmy is a Most Viewed Writer in Japan.

No, generally speaking, they don't.

Germans are genuinely sorry, it's not something they say to be polite, they honestly, deeply, truly mean it.

Japanese… Continue

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Ha Ha Ha

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We were not sure Mark was back and or he would come back…


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The Fucking Book – Less Than Mystery – Part One – The Dwarf – Chapter Two(6)

The Fucking Book – Less Than Mystery – Part One – The Dwarf – Chapter Two(6)


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flower and lady

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Anhui Trip – Summer 2016

My son Chris and his friend Matt visited during August and our first trip was to Anhui. We took the train up from SZ North to Huangshan Station [actually it’s Tunxi and quite a distance from the actual mountain] and stayed there for a couple of nights.

The Laojie area is good, but quite crowded and people eat early. By the time we were in a restaurant about 8 o’clock most of the famous local dishes had sold out. The next day we toured in a taxi visiting Chengkan, Zilusi Hong Village…


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