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Green rubber mud

Nightmare, mom died, I woke up from crying, the heart was painful, the deeply sorrow, so scared, so helpless. No one can avoid it, not even me.

Then I felt the painful in my stomach, need to go to bathroom, quickly.

On the way, it was sticky under my shoes, slower my steps. Walking in the dark with sticky steps, as if still in the nightmare.

When I could see again, I saw the green spots on the white floor in the bath room. What is it?

It is green rubber mud. My…


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Ladies & Gentlemen : Intouchables ( French Version)

An excellent french movie, I will try to find and english and a chinese…


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A Good Read

Sunday Book Review: ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’ by Steven Pinker (October 9, 2011) 

This book is about what may be the most important…


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Telephones & The Gambler's Game of Choice

Does a Ringing Phone Have to be Answered?…


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This is what eating cats will do to you (for you?)

check out this story about a local Chinese boy with Cat Eyes

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This is the perfect car for Shenzhen.......government are you listening?

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Thousands Words

在我的生命里,我渴望一份真爱 All my life I've wished for love this true. 我珍惜你和我在一起的每一刻i cherish every moment I have with you. 当你靠近我时候,我会情不自禁地微笑。When you're near I can't help but smile 因为你是我生存的理由。Because you are my reason for survival. 如果失去你,我会泪流成河 If I ever lost you I'd cry a river, 想到你我会颤栗Just the thought of it makes me quiver. When we are alone together, I wish I could stop the time and live in that moment 当我们两个人独处的时候,我希望时间可以凝滞,永远停留。 A thousand words could not express the feelings I have inside for…


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...proving once more, that expecting gratitude is just being naive.

One of my employees left the company. No drama, 30 days' notice, I managed to find a replacement and train him. 

On her last day, she brought me her letter of recommendation to sign (yes, I let my people write the letter on their own, and only change it if necessary) which of course I did. We had a small bye-bye cake and being that her last day was the first day after CNY, she got her fat red pocket as well (roughly 10% of her salary and bear in mind, dear reader, the story is taking…


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The Mosuo-walking marriages

    My friend asked me some tips about travelling in Yunnan, especially the beautiful Lugu lake. I was doing the summary for him, then my handmade scarves which I bought from Mosuo brought back some memory.

    The beautiful view wasn't the only reason attract me to go there, also the Mosuo culture made me take that adventure.The Women's Kingdom exists there.

    The women of the Mosuo's agricultural villages head the households, make business decisions, and own property, which…


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High Impact Strategic Business Sense Series (9b)

Disruptive Innovator: From Napster & Facebook to Spotify…


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After The Love Has Gone

What can you say really? It sucks, but you'll get over it... or not. 

The End…


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Getting Married

No, not me I can assure you. I learned that lesson, but two of my friends are venturing down that road this year. I say mad, crazy fools on the one hand, but on the other I do love a good wedding. I always want the best for new couples venturing into the wild blue yonder of wedded bliss, but as Clint always said "Did she fire six shots or only five... wait... sorry, wrong part of the sentence, save…


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Single Life

To understand the advantages of being single, we must understand the sometimes negative aspects of romance.

When you're dating someone, your time and money are spent cultivating that relationship. Male or female, regardless of who pays for dates, being in a romantic partnership can be very expensive. Men and women…


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A Joke (I'm going to my mother)

man and his wife quarreled.

After the fight,the wife went

into the bedroom. A few

minutes later,the husband also

trooped into the bedroom only

to find his wife busy packing her suitcase! He asked "You're

packing!where are you going?"

she answered "To my mother".

The man paused for a while and

also got his big brown…


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The Meaning of Names

What does the name “Kennedy” mean? A name is much more than just a name!

Kis for kindle, the warmth in others.

Eis for expressive, not one to hold within.

Nis for neatness, your orderly way.

Nis for neatness, your orderly way.

Eis for …


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The Fireside Chat Series (Episode 4)

Greater Love Hath No Woman…


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GrandPa redefines the culinary palette!

I got back yesterday from a few day trip visiting the Drunken Monkey.  As usual she rather tired me out :-), so when I got home I needed something to eat.  There was not much in the refrigerator, just a few odd ends.  So, being an International Man of Mystery, I let my creative side take over and dealt with the situation.

Prepare to be awed.  Now, for the first time ever, and only on Shenzhen Stuff (kiss my ass Guangzhou Stuff)..…


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The state of things in a PC world

I have often said that Politically Correctness will ruin the world. What this means is because of PC people lose all sense of common sense.

As I make my way back to my home country after being away for 10 years, I see the news how one thing or another is PC because of this or that. I see people getting arrested for calling a beautiful girl beautiful, (in a pc world calling a girl beautiful is sexual harassment).

So now we have most people walking on egg shells…


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I feel soooo fucking cheated....

The "wine" I bought turns out to have only 6.5% alcohol. 


So now I'm stuck in this cold weather with nothing to warm me up but a bottle of what turns out to be strawberry juice with a drop of vodka. 

For fuck's sake, can this CNY get any worse???

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