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```my dear fellow````we need solidarity this time than ever before``````

we have the right to live our peaceful lives```we have the right to enjoy what we gained from swink work```as the same you do in France```as you do the same in Germany``````but what push you combat our society`````putting down your nomal work````

facing the nipping snow```````

not much to say`````still the same````you are welcome to China… Continue

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Bo Yang, You Are Not Alone!

Mr. Bo Yang has passed away in yesterday. The only writer who dare write real facts in China has gone. I feel pity for my country. And Mr. Bo Yang, I wish you rest in peace forever..You are not alone in your least you have me on your side!

Mr.Bo Yang's most famous book is named as.. Ugly Chinese. .Chinese is 丑陋的中国人 . He criticized the whole old Chinese culture as he said the whole culture is an 酱缸, something like "old stinky crock".. He critized whole Chinese culture's… Continue

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My Weixin is on my page
Travel to Shantou

I took a trip to Shantou last year during the National Holiday and it was a great time. Here's an article I wrote about it for the news. Most of my travel articles are written well after the fact, and I never planned to write about the cities I've visited. Shantou isn't the best city I've ever been to, but still worth the trip. I'm still hitting myself over the head for… Continue

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Finished Crazy Schedule!!!!

from last Friday night, I spent time as so crazy!

Well...on Friday night, I just went to The Terrace for relax. when I met my one friend, he said, "Today is Mike's birthday! So, we have party at here." ...oops, nobody called to me about this T.T ...and he would go back for marrige and his honeymoon. That means we can't see him and his wife near 2 months. Therefore we enjoyed our time at there by 5:00 AM >>
And then, I backed home and slept 1 hours. After got up, I went to… Continue

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summer camp teacher wanted

Shenzhen Educational Center for International Exchange will be operating an English Camp again this summer. This camp has proven to be extremely popular with teachers in the past and we anticipate that this year’s edition will be even better.

Dates: July 20 to August 4, 2008. Teachers should arrive at the destination by July 19 for 1day orientation.

want know more infromation ,please… Continue

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the first fashion market in Nanshan, Shenzhen

last Sunday i attended a fashion activity held in Nanshan, Shenzhen~```

i was shocked by the first step in the lush Huaqiaocheng area. i thought i would have a nice weekend here.

on the market there are greeting cards~~````doodle T-shirt~~`````stickers~~`````and other knickknacks that i couldn't tell for my poor english~~``^U^`````in fact~````they all made by heart and fine~~````but i couldn't evoke my shopping appetite````````````i take a round trip~````looking at the colourful… Continue

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so people been asking...

on szstuff... "alex, so whats the deal man? 38 and still single?" and theyve done so in a tactful way. if anything, i appreciate their level of interest in getting to know me better... all good

so i figure why not "spill the beans..." so to speak = )

im a single dad of a 10 year old boy... which ive given the name, noah truman chang. noah as in noahs ark... and truman after harry s., the US president that executed the atom bomb… Continue

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My First English BLOG!!

Do you know what is the special day for 28th April 2008?
It's seabird's first english blog day!
Thank you everyone~ Good luck to all of you! life is short, don't waste your time, just enjoy every minutes!!!Kiss slowly, love passionately, forgive quickily, live happily~bless you! I LOVE YOU ALL!

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the hell will not cry ...

Today .. it is cloudy ... even a little foggy , but that doesn't make my mood bad...

that is the first day which i feel good since March 30th...

Now everything is very clearly ...

I was in the a cruel joke with a good friend ... but now . i get over it finally ...

I need to be sunny girl again . hehe...

I wanna dance and sing... and i feel ...even the hell will not cry ...

so i can see the sun smiling face in the… Continue

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in congo, guard your penis...

gotta love these crazy west african folks... heh

"Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged… Continue

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mmmm... hungry for rabbit meat

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i love saturday mornings

get up late...big breakfast...
no work!!
life is wonderful.... =)

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Shenzhen's Extreme sport

The other day as I was heading for work I started to think about something totally out there, I just thought I would share it with you. Stepping on to the 320 bus as I have been doing everyday now for over a year I found that there were no seats. This is normal so I settled into the area at the back where I could stand and lean on the wall. With a jerk the bus started off down the road. I was dislodged from my space on the wall but still held on. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the driver… Continue

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My Weixin is on my page
Rapping in Shenzhen

Here's an article about rapping in Shenzhen. It's probably my favorite story that i've worked on yet. I interviewed four different local rappers, all of whom were interesting and quite different from each other. Part three of my hip hop series will come out two weeks later, and will look at the DJ culture in Shenzhen. The photo you see above is of Jimminem, my former… Continue

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kiss me if you dare...

aimee... my fire goddess and long friend in LA
shes been learning to fire breath for over a year now... she fuckin rocks

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climbing mountain

hi,nice to meet u here ,who would like to join the plan for climbing bi jia mountain this sat afternoon 3pm.and will play frisbee at zhong shan park on sunday.please leave ur name and ur number if u would like to wishes

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My Weixin is on my page
Happy Mother's Day (1 day early)

Strong woman

Strong black woman

Single mother, father and mother

Showed me how to be a son and brother

You led by example taught me strength

Others may have doubted you but you never quit

"Semper Fi" was the pledge you made

Put the books in my hand, showed me the values of grades

Told me to be self-made

But to still trust in Him

Have faith in Him and he shall bless me

I've watched you skate on ice thinner than Greztky

Challenged the… Continue

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Main Entry: for·give

Pronunciation: \fər-ˈgiv, fȯr-\

Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): for·gave \-ˈgāv\; for·giv·en \-ˈgi-vən\; for·giv·ing

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English forgifan, from for- + gifan to give

Date: before 12th century

transitive verb

1 a: to give up resentment of or claim to requital for b: to grant relief from payment of

2: to cease to feel resentment against (an offender) : pardon

intransitive verb

:… Continue

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After busy working ... and noisy life...

suddenly back to home...

Suddenly feel very terrible...

Home seems not like important suddenly ...

dont like the feeling to be alone ...

the sky is not clear ... the air is still polluted ... still can't see the stars in the sky easily ...

dont want to eat happy -icecream ...

life is running on ...

I must… Continue

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Goons and thugs???

Ok my friend got beat up the other night as he was leaving a bar in Shekou. His story goes like this. " I was walking home after a few drinks and the lady who I met was walking with me, when I was jumped by 5 or 6 Chinese guys, they beat and kicked me repeatedly for about 10 minutes and then said, "foreigner go home"" "I turned and looked to find the lady friend running off just as they came from around the corner".

Now I have been here for 7 years myself and have had nothing even… Continue

Added by Freakboy on April 22, 2008 at 7:43am — 4 Comments

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