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The Art of Speed is About Strategy, Execution and Impact.


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My parents have been together for almost 40 years...

Makes you think, doesn't it? 

They've been dating for 3 years, which is longer than I've ever dated anybody. 

They've been married for 36 years, which is - obviously - longer than I have lived. 

I remember some of the "ups" and most of the "downs" in their marriage. Life wasn't always pretty and some of those "downs" had a huge impact on my life and the way I look at the world and people. Especially those, that were really ugly. Yet, they survived, side by side,…


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Admitted By Harvard University At Age 15

Tale of 2 Muslim Immigrants in America…


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10 fun facts

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My Weixin is on my page
mysteries of death

A girl was born among the ruins of last earthquake only to perish in this years earthquake.

Wang Yanxia

Wenchuan 2008.-Yaan 2013

  Do you notice the similarities in the name of this girl, I hope it is pure coincidental. this girl was just four years.......


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Wicked Comedy Series (Episode 6i)

Global Citizens Night: Stand Outside Or Come In.…


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Looks Aren't Everything. Believe Me, I'm a Model.

On Beauty Within & Without…


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New Poll Suggests Meetings, KTV & Surveys are a Waste of Time


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My Weixin is on my page
Won Championship on CCTV5 Wushu master competition

The 3 days CCTV5 Wushu master in Chenjiagou, forms and weapons competition had succesfully closed, I won the championship on Taichi Broadsword and first prize on Traditional Taiji Quan, would like to everyone share my enjoyfulness and happiness. more information about CCTV5 Wushu master competition, pls refer to following link.



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The Fine Art of Brand Differentiation

For the Elites of Curiosity, Passion & Taste…


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The Leadership Series: Emotional & Social Intelligence

Are You a Socially Intelligent Leader?…


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How the kids feel about this tragic disaster

All my work today was inspired by one of my students. I talked with him on the phone yesterday.  He told me in a sobbing voice that he felt very sad while watching the news about the earthquake in Ya'an Xichuan. His aunt was stuck there but fortunately got saved already.

When I arrived home, I had more time to search some information about the earthquake. I then made up my mind to do a PPT about this earthquake and try to teach my students something out of their books. …


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Ya'An Earthquake Saturday



So far 160 people have died and roughly 5700 injured in a 6.9 earthquake in Ya'An in the Sichuan province on Saturday morning 2013.04.20

There is considerable damage to this city with water and electricity cut-off, buildings damaged and people died and injured.

A great number of aftershocks (712) have happened since the earthquake so this area is still unstable, and now it rains in the area.



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Juice Baby

First time came here, felt like primary classroom without strict Chinese teacher.

Second time sitting here, listened to the music while blogging , felt like a chat room for teenagers.

Notice the pics on the wall , felt like Children's Day.

Take a pic of a photo hanging on the wall , felt like a photo gallery even though it's the only one.

Others speak German while some English and the rest Chinese that I can't hear.

Some faces I can… Continue

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Fists (Self-defection)

Forgot that still got two fists there.

What are they for?

One nose can smell the death.

Two ears can hear the pray from a poor church.

What else ?

One mouth doesn't like talking much.

One tongue got no feeling for various kisses.

How to do?

Look at the mirror , messy hair covers the eyes.

Stare at the eyes, confusion or Repulsion?

Twist the neck, make sounds like… Continue

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Fuckin signal at home , noisy air at Starbucks and internet sucks at 92 Coffee Club.

Finally , time for Inspiration.

More than three times posted failed, which made me like the Original one best.

Poor memory made it three different ones but the last one survived,speechless.

The more times you have tried , the harder you got better ideas.

An inspiration is like the flash light.

If you ccan't catch the right light, it will… Continue

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A Mind Never Rest

More than a month now, a mind never rests.

Even if it's dreaming , it still enables to remember every single detail of the dreams.

One neck and one back sore, two eyes tired.

The desire would not surrender...

More than three times to have posted Dozens of Dots failed by smart phone at two different places.

Hands keep holding the phone and fingers click the screen ...

Brain is exhausted while toes ticking the floor… Continue

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Breath By The Cliff

I have nothing and nothing to have now.

All Gone With The Wind.

Even there is no handful of dirt to hope for.

Wonderful Heather(s) should bath with sunshine on the purple hills of Scotland.

Now only one heather is facing to the wind from the cliff.

Breathlessly , what's going on ??

Crazily , what's missing ??

Unfortunately , who knows ??

God bless Heather...

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Dozens of Dots

Whats Yesterday ?

It's made of black dots, here and there.

Seen from far distance, it's curl complex line ,connecting to each dot.

Each dot before college was brave, straight ,vivid and meaningful, like fairy tales.

The only thing strange was youth that I never went through while I supposed to be young.


The first Desert Flower blossomed for a prince with 2 deep thoughtful blue eyes during college… Continue

Added by Heather Cai on April 20, 2013 at 5:50pm — 2 Comments

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