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Discipline in self-education

Since you are reading our blog, it means that the topic of self-education is not alien to you. But for sure you, like many other people, are experiencing difficulties with lack of time, motivation or self-discipline, because of which many good intentions to…


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3 Tips for Choosing a University to Study

  The choice of the higher education institution (HEI) in which you are going to take your degree is a critical step for your academic and professional future.

  It must be an attitude taken with great caution, after all, this decision will fill at least four years of your student life. But what is the best way to choose a college with so many options available in the market?

  Below, we have put together three tips from this…


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10 Knowledges of Chinese Tax Invoices (Fapiao) Foreigners Need to Know

How to issue the Chinese tax invoices for Chinese clients…

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Understanding a China Company's Registration Address in 3 Minutes

One of the keys to registering a China company is the company's registration address. Why does a company in China need a registration address? Today, in order to help you sort it out, we will help you find out what you need to know about the company's registered address in 3 minutes! 

Understanding a China Company's Registration Address in 3 Minutes

 The birth process of a company is very similar to…


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Hong Kong Office Types

Hong Kong offers a wide variety of premises to suit any business, there are several types of office for investor/merchant to choose.

Serviced or virtual offices are a popular choice for newly arrived companies.

Serviced offices are available across the city, allow for short-term leases and often provide tenants with a range of secretarial services.

Virtual offices provide a mailing address and a receptionist, who will answer the phone on behalf of your…


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China Visa Application Requirements

China Family Visa (Q2 Visa) is designed for Chinese descendants or foreigners who are spouses of Chinese citizens. Issued to those with the intention to visit their relatives who are Chinese citizens residing in China or foreigners with permanent residence status in China. It is usually issued for up to 120 days stay per visit and multiple entry valid up to 10 years for US passport holder, while it is usually issued up to 90 days stay per visit but only for single or double entry valid for 3…


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What will help to wake up and be active during the day

If you're one of those people, who can't stand mornings and always want to sleep, there are some tips, which will make the start of your days better. How can you wake yourself up if you feel tired and sleepy during the day?

1. The magic of…


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How to Cancel and Liquidate a China WFOE?

How to start the cancellation and liquidation of China WFOE according to the Chinese law and leave nothing illegal behind? Are there some regulations the foreign investors need to be aware of? Business China lists five regulations on cancellation and liquidations of WOFE in China. 

 (1) Liquidation Term of China WFOE


The starting date of…


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China Free Trade Area Advantages

A free trade zone (FTZ), also called foreign-trade zone is a specific class of special economic zone. It is an area which goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and re-exported without the intervention of the customs authorities. Free-trade zones are organized around major seaports, international airports, and national frontiers-areas with many geographic advantages for trade. It is a region where a group of countries has agreed to reduce or eliminate trade…


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Shenzhen Driver's License Application For Foreigners

Foreigners from any country who wish to drive in China must apply for a Chinese driver's license because China has not signed the convention, which created IDPS (International Driving Permits). Additionally, Chinese Driver’s Licenses are valid in Mainland China only. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for one to be able to drive in the mainland.

If you are with Chinese residency permit apply for Chinese driver’s license and already have one from your home…


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How to сreate new unique names for the characters of your story

You can use the name as the last name. Since the name and surname usually sound quite differently, breaking this rule will help your character to stand out a little among others.

Examples of such rotation can serve as options: Anne Joey, Robert Gideon, Paul Michael

This delicate technique is best suited for describing events unfolding in place and time, close to the author.

Look for names…


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30 Q&A About Tax and Registered Capital of a Hong Kong Company

1.Q: what is the tax requirement for Hong Kong companies?

A: Hong Kong is a free port with less tax and low tax rate. Enterprises only need to pay a tax so-called profits tax every year, profits tax is in accordance with the enterprise income, that is calculated at 16.5% of pure profit. For example, the annual turnover of a company is 10 million HKD, gross profit is 2 million HKD, and…


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Cool tricks

Interesting stuffs that I've just found:
Router help: - Resolve all router issues including username, password, etc.
A useful web-based tool: JSON formatter - help users format & validate JSON object/string

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My Weixin is on my page
Looking for part time cooperative partner

Rent and sale apartment in Shekou Shenzhen.
  1. It is very easy to work, you donot need to come to show customers apartment, donot need to do all the rest things, bec we will do, only thing you need to do is recommoned me customers who wants to rent apartments.
  2. We offer a higher commission, it is 25persent, forexample, if your customer rent a…

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Lost Passport in China?

Passport is super important for you when you travel abroad.…

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Study at work

Count the number of hours of study that you can master. You need to make sure that the time, money and energy that you invest in your studies deserve to work less or have an extremely busy schedule. For example, if you are studying to get the highest degree for a job that has already been received and that brings you pleasure, then your work can take…


Added by Stefania Mcduffy on April 6, 2018 at 6:29pm — 1 Comment

My trip to the LongGang District peoples hospital

Last Monday I had some trouble with my bum (wont go into the messy details)but it was enough to give a good fright and be concerned.

I was a little bit stupid and did not say anything to my wife until Wednesday,Thursday we went to the hospital got a number sat down and waited to see the doctor.

our number came up went and saw the doctor told her what was going on and she said you will need a colonoscopy,I had to go and get my heart checked(my heart is good)then… Continue

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