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September 2015 Blog Posts (9)

Trips around Houhot, Inner Mongolia

We got there by flying through Bayannur – no I’d never heard of it either. We had a couple of trips out of the city.

First we went pony riding on the grassland, but not much grass though plenty of sunflowers. The ponies had been well-trained to ignore any signals from the reins or the legs and just follow the horse in front. Also the stirrups were not adjustable, so some of us had our knees hitting our chins, while others couldn’t reach them. Bloody expensive too, but still…


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I survived The Taiwan Earthquake that happened on the 21 September 1999

On September 21st 1999 Taiwan had a big earthquake.I was staying Yunlin.

Around 2am in the morning it happened,I was just getting off to sleep,then the building started shaking.It felt like a train was going through the apartment.We were in a 2 story apartment someone ran down the stairs waking everyone up telling us to get outside.

I got up out of bed trying to put on my Doc Martin boots,while being shaken from side to side.when we got outside everything went very quiet.a few…


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This happened to me last Friday

Riding home after work on my mt bike,.On the left side there are recycle buildings and some shops,the road is always busy and you really have to be careful.


Iam about to ride past this old woman she is  picking up cardboard and Im not riding very fast.As Im just about to pass her this 2 year child runs out in front of me I slam on my breaks and my I knock her down.


there was nothing i could do about it. The old woman starts yelling at me she garbs my…


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death to all minions

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You stop feeling it eventually...

1. i kissed johnny because he made me laugh so hard that diet coke spurted out of my nose and i wept because it hurt and everyone cackled while i stood there over the sink, nose burning

2. they told me i was losing control so i told them to go fuck themselves because my body is my car and i can drive it offroad if i so choose and besides if you slam yourself up against enough trees you stop…


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Drawing#29: Torture


Many of my drawings are inspired by the particularly strange vision of my short-sighted eyes. This is one of them.

It was an evening in May. The moon was like a boat, bright in the sky above the gray roofs. For a moment, without glasses, I stared at…


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Drawing#28: Dream, Dream, Dream


“We are all alone and we are dead.” – Henry Miller

Whoever living inside the vase and dreaming and daydreaming, is not the only one, I believe. At least, I see a shade of my own shadow. And I’m not alone.

(This is the last black-and-red drawing by ball point pens. The next will be black and white by ink…


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Drawing#27: The Pervert



No Comment.

From now on, I’ll post my drawings weekly, or maybe twice a week. To share the below auto-biographic stories, I’ll keep being creative, transforming my thoughts into words and…


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Butterflies#20 -Light on Shadows

Spotted this butterfly when hiking at Penang Hill in Malaysia.

Spotted this butterfly when hiking at Penang Hill in Malaysia.


This is an elegant butterfly. It’s patterns are incredible. The white dots are like the shining light on faces with masks. The yellow are…


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