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Nov 29th_Saturday·i'm back~

maybe girls are more likely to abandon themselves to soap operas

actually,perhaps using ‘female’ is more accurate ^^

yeah..i'm an adult now

um..i start to watch from this morning..and..i think it's always easy for me to feel lost when i finally back to the present life everytime

and i think that i always let things go on without control..although i hate that,i just cannot control myself.sometimes.

er..most of the times,i guess ^^

sometimes u determined… Continue

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Getting used to the madness

So it seems I have been in Shenzhen for about 2weeks now and still adjusting to the way of life here...slowly. The traffic continues to terrify me, the constant racket has not yet become white noise and the communication break down is frustrating!

Although, the people I work with are lovely, the food is so cheap and absolutely amazing, the weather is pleasant most days and the shopping is splendid...I just wish the stores would play something rather than backstreet boys or celine…


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Mobile was stolen in SZ (BAR)

This is not my story,it happened to my American student,Rick.

SATURDAY:Rick went to a BAR in Shenzhen.When he was dancing,someone stole his mobile without notice. When he wanted to make a phone call,he realized that his mobile was stolen.

SUNDAY:Rick loved his mobile because there were some friends' contacts and some other information in it.The next day, he tried to call the theaf to negociate with him.He would like to meet him and give him some money,so that the theaf can… Continue

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Wrong do not put the happy warm hand!




所以不要去追问到底谁才是我的Mr.Ringhr,(谁)而是只问在眼前的伴侣关系中,我能努力到什么程度、成长到什么程度,若没有培养出经营幸福的能力,就算真的Mr.Ringhr(谁)出现在你身边,幸福依然会错过的,而活在犹豫与遗憾当中,这不就是许多“爱情… Continue

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也许 你在别人的眼里




也许… Continue

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What is love? Love is what? ..........

Added by Lily Cheng on November 28, 2008 at 10:31am — 1 Comment

Happy Turkey Day!

It is not about the pilgrims, the founding of America, sharing between Indians and Europeans or any other silly thing we learned in school, it is about appreciating your life.

I am thankful for:

being alive, heck it all starts with that

that I have 2 legs, 2 arms and all my other body parts

that I can see

that, as remarkable as it might seem, I have not yet gone crazy

that I am not poor, am not a begger on the street

for the damn comfortable and easy… Continue

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Love deep, sad also deep

What a wonderful time to be together when you and me, but now i remember that i sad. friends also have love, why you dont want to see me again. whats wrong i did. let you avoid me. tell me i will explain.
We are friend. Buddy, why so cool. crazy.

Added by Grace on November 26, 2008 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

lady's dignity 女性的 品格

女性的 品格 lady's dignity ( series-1)

how to become a graceful lady, pls consider the following points.

1.keep the promise , no brocken the appointment.

2.keep the time -on time

3.sincerity, no cheating

4.reply to email or return call

4.neatly dressed excuse, if you were something wrong least one time a month ,make a phonecall say hello…


Added by tianyeccp 天野 on November 25, 2008 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

Top 10 breakfast spots

Breadfast is considered very important for one's health. A good breakfast contributes not only to the body's nutritional balance but can put you in a good mood for the whole day. Forbes Magazine released a list of the top 10 power breakfast spots worldwide and introduced some of their famous dishes.

1. Starting the day in HK

The lounge, a restaurant in HK's Four Seasons Hotel, is ideal for a morning cup of Chinese tea with some local business contacts. Try the HK breakfast,… Continue

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8 Special hotels in China

The following are 8 great hotels with their own characteristics in different cities around China. While many of the large cities have numerous five-star hotels, only those outstanding ones are considered. Some have historical significance, some with cultural backgrounds, while others provide the best service . Every hotel here has a reason for being on the list.

Shangri-la Hotel in Hangzhou

With a beautiful view from the northern shore onto the West Lake, the Shangri-la Hotel in… Continue

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A romantic story.

Many people ask me how I meant am wife. I usually tell them it is a long story and that shuts them up. So I am thinking that maybe it is time to revel this long story to the world so people will stop asking me.

First of all let me tell you that I have never been married before and this is the first woman I ever met that I would even consider marrying, although I have been in a few long time relationships and many short time relationships in my life time I never even considered getting… Continue

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Sucks to be a little fish! Feeding Goldfish to the Arowana....

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New era

After living the bachelor for the last month my family has finally come back to me. It has been almost a month since my father in law died. He has left in his legacy not only a grieving widow but 6 children. His kids will be fine but what about Ma? It seems that she has never been alone in her life, having been raised in a large family and then going from school to marriage. She has always had someone to live with her for her whole life, thus my wife and baby were staying with her in their home… Continue

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La isla Bonita

Papa Don't Preach…


Added by LostAngel on November 21, 2008 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Finance Crisis

People feeling bad for this christmas since the finance crisis, included myself , which is all around... just very few of them stand away from the tsunami.. how to make people more relax and happier? you know what i know, sorry i don't know, may be god know. i saw a pretty good writing from hongkong news paper, makes me feeling better... haha!! 終於輪到我們了。。。…


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The enjoyable benefit of the expat life.

I have been an expat for over 7 years. I grew up in a very small farm community in the USA, a very long time ago. As with most Americans of my age, the outside world was a mysterious and far away place, certainly it was nothing I would ever experience. My life, would be spent around small farms filled with people similar to myself. What a small shallow world!

Since I have left my home, I have enjoyed the gift of meeting people from many places in the world. I have had the pleasure to… Continue

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Shenzhen Marketplace (1982 years)

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