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If the world would fall in darkness someday

Some people were prophesying …


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first visit to OCC of SZ metro

 I am majoring in Urban Rail Transit Management. As a part of schoolwork, my internship of this semester as well, I started my first visit to OCC (Operating Control Center) of SZ metro this morning which locates in Zhuzilin.

What you see from the picture is the OCC.

It's about 800…


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Hold it when you're holding


You can't really feel what it feels like until you have experienced it.


I attended a graduation photographing of one of my vocational school classmates…


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Nothing will return when it's gone

Life is not always be like what it should be.

So does love.

If u hurt ur bf/gf/husb/wf  time and time again, u'll lose him/her someday anyway.

And sometimes u don't  feel…


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I want to be a super cook for my family and friends


It has been 10 years since my first cook and I am unsatisified with how my skill goes. I think I am at basic level still.


I don't know how to make sushi though watching the details online and did it but no one succeed.

I don't know how to make cookies so I need to buy it in bakery still.

But some of them just doesn't taste sweet…


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how could u know if he like u or not even he's ur bf?

Someone who was my firend asked me this question few days ago as a girl of mine was telling her love story with her bf.

We seat in silent at once.

It can be annoying when u sink ur heart into it. I mean love. It's simple and it also could be complicated when someone put some extra content in.



 A film named "He is just not that into you" , at the begining of it, saying that we girls mostly like to persuade our friends by telling  various kind of reasons…


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Just a few words

I  stay in a melancholy mood recently. I just want to hide.

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A film named OUT OF LOVE FOR 33 DAYS

The Chinese film " out of love for 33days "  is really attractive to me.

I watched films myself always but this  I do consider an exceptional one I don't want to watch it alone.

Friends refuse to go with me co'z they say that I've got a boyfriend.

But boyfriend isn't the whole world to me anyway. It takes time to knowwhy girls or boys in China keep a thought linger on and on, awhich means you must stay with him/ her for all the things and cannnot be with other boys or…


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It's getting harder and harder to get up as the alarm rings. But I am forced to get up because a strong feeling my mind, which keep reminding me of I am high school student who is going to take the college entrance exam.

I get on the bus when I am still sleepy these days. But stay absolutely sober when having classes. I feel extremely tired after having so many classes and finishing a dozen of test paper.

The weather is sooooooooooooo fine.

Well, keep staying sober…


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Just a diary

I enjoy going for a walk late in the afternoon when it's sunny. But it's getting a little bit different from before because of the college entrance exam.

You may shout to me like this if you take exams as everything" stop writting this damn blog and back to your papers!"

But i will never take scores as the most powerful thing to measure how excellent a person is, when judging someone who is the same as me, being a student in China.

I know we students should never stop pursuing… Continue

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Failure is instrumental in getting success

Hi, friends, Here I am.

Back from Foshan a week ago, where the provincial contest was held.

I just cried a lot when I got third prize, what made me extremely sad, to be the worst.

I've never got even No.2 before. I was always the winner but failed this time, and was to be blame for the result.

Fortunately to have my partner held me tightly in his arms when I went out of the conference hall. I couldn't make myself calm down, just cried without…


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Something from my Chinese blog (

Way back into love

2010-02-10 21:23:18


是从秀秀的手机上听到的这首歌, way back into love.



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after my grandma's funeral( written in Chinese)






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