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12 Stimulating Design Offices to Stir the Senses

This is really impressive that I can't wait to share with you guys...


12 Stimulating Design Offices to Stir the Senses

Take a look at the super-cool design offices that ensure employees are never lacking inspiration.

For some lucky creative agencies the days of dull and drab cubicle…


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Why Shenzhen grows so Fast?

My parents in law arrived Shenzhen more about 35 years ago. They told me the whole city back then was all in a mess while buildings and roads were being built here and there. I think we should always remember to thank our predecessors who have done all the good things and contributed their youth in developing all the infrastrctures for us today.

我的岳父母35年之前来的深圳。他们告诉我,整个城市在那时都是一片混乱,因为到处在搞基建。我想我们要谢谢这些前人,因为有他们所做的一切美事和因为有 他们为这个城市在基础设施方面所做的贡献,我们才得以有今天的发展机会。感谢深圳。



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Where Do You Go for Most Authentic Food in China?

We all love food. In China, there's a saying that literally means "eating comes first." The sheer choice of different cuisines here can be overwhelming. But there's one destination you can't miss - the food streets. That's where you can get a great feast with a low budget. The mild threat of food poisoning is more than worth it for the amazing flavors.

1.    Ghost Street' /簋街/guǐ jiē – Beijing

More than 100…


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Protect eyes = protect minds?


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