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My piano study after 2months

2months ago, i proposed a discussion here about learning piano. I thank many friends here for your suport and encourage. Even though still many ppl against with me, I started it. I'm glad to share my study. I'm just beginner, but I'm really into this music instrument.…


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Would you?

Would you cherish loving arms if you’d never shed a tear?

Would you welcome going home if you’d never been away?

Would you treasure guiding hands if you’d never been alone?

I don’t think so. 


Would you value having hope if you’d never known despair?

Would you treasure being safe if you’d never lost your way?

Would you cherish gentle words…


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于是,我们结婚了。没有摆酒席,没有任何准备,就像5.60年代一样,决定了就搬一起了。 我对他什么都不了解。就因为老妈的那句话,我嫁给了他。

新婚那天,就像平常的日子一样,但我心理忐忑不安,恐惧万分。那个男的和姐妹们的老公们出去吃饭了。我一个人在家。 我和姐妹们住在一个小区里。

我问芳:“你结婚的那天心里是充满期待啊,激动啊,还是害怕啊?我不想跟我不喜欢的人住一起。我好害怕,恐惧万分。”… Continue

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I hate those ppl who always smile to foreigner but are grumpy to his compatriot

Don't know how many times he jelled  unreasonably to me. 20minutes ago, I called my manager from the meeting room. I told him it's for an overseas call. The chinese guy yelled to me again:" just ask him 2 minutes, that's ok. what the hell are you doing? why you said so much? you don't respect the customers enough!." I replied him“ if I did wrong, if I don't understand business etiquette, you could teach me. you don't need to yell to me and get so much angry with me."


Most of…


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I love You

I have examined your heart, I know everything about you.
I know when you sit down or stand up.
I know your thoughts even when you’re far away.
I see you when you travel and when you rest at home.
The very hairs on your head are all numbered.
In the image of mine I created you;
For in me you live and move and exist
I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
I saw you before you were…

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