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My plantation

I am not good at growing flowers, I had some plants before, but it didn't last that long most of them, Don't know why, maybe I have a black thumb, but I just bought many plants in 2010, feel like adding some greens in my house, maybe this is one of my new year revolution, I hope all the greens can grow thickly and the flowers will blooming luxuriantly...... and my new year will going well and… Continue

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Happy Birthday to you !

Today is his birthday and also the end of our relationship, life is kidding with me, The last guy trying to be with me left me in his birthday so does this one, Guess I am a birthday killer, I bought a cake and a card I picked from my heart for the last one, but I didn't get the chance to share the cake even though gift was sent out, this time, I bought a warm jacket for him and wish he feel warm in winter . but I still didn't get a chance to give to him, since i was not invited to his birthday… Continue

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Starry is the Night

I had a great time during the national holiday, watched the expected prade in the morning and headed to Hong Kong with my honey. We arrived at TST just in time, we catched the big firework show of National day in Victory harbour, we definitely had an eye feast of that one, blue moon with the star dust in the sky, seems the whole city is alive and my heart is ardent. It was wonderfull then along with my candle light meal, the night became day, the poor became rich, the plain became colorful, it… Continue

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Friend tell me such a romatic story today .

Long long time ago there is a legend : sun loves moon, but everytime when sun comes to see moon, moon just hide and gone. sun waits for moon at the day time, but moon only comes out at night. finally moon touched by sun, they made a date: in the future sun and moon will meet each other once in every 500 years, everytime when the time is coming, sun just hide it's bright and shining, because sun want to hug moon , a lot of people was touched… Continue

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Happy birthday to me !

It is my b-day again, but really I forget how old I am or I'd rather to forget how old I am, feel sad for so many reasons.... but don't ask me why especially those people who cares about me , maybe I am just being emotional again, maybe feel so depressed, actually look back my life, the past past years, what I got till now, not much, love is still going on, but not sure if he is my Mr. right or what? had got hurt before, someone I had trusted so much turns out hurting me so hard, I don't know… Continue

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Christmas Blue

While others go shopping, wrap presents, plan family trips and work out the menu for that special day ..... lets all keep in mind just how difficult the Festive Season is for many people with Depression.

The dark side of SAD is that depression can hit you in the festive season ..... Christmas and new year is the worst and it has nothing to do with the weather because it is actually not cold here in ShenZhen and we have just as many cases of… Continue

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The risk of loving you

The risk of loving you

There is a risk involved in everything.

Every time you share a smile,

Every time you shed a tear,

You are opening yourself up to hurt.

Some people tread slowly through life,

Avoiding the closeness risk brings,

Sidestepping the things they can't understand,

Turning away from those who care too much,

Those who care too long,

Those who hold too tightly.

There is never an… Continue

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stay away from my ass !

A friend and I were talking about something, and he brought up that to "pinch a woman's butt" was a compliment. I

disagreed! I find it a cheap insult!

To me, a gentleman would NEVER even consider such a cheap move. I can't even think of where or when it would ever be appropriate, unless it was seconds before hitting the sheets. It says one thing to me, and I am not easy.

I don't understand the male mentality. Thank God, not every male thinks this way, but… Continue

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When are you getting married ?

People are never happy

If you're single, they ask, "So...are you seeing anyone special?"

If I say yes. They'll respond with, "Any wedding plans in your future or until the day you say "I do," otherwise you'll get that question, over and over. "So, when are you getting married? What's taking you so long? You know, you're not getting any younger."

So finally you've said "I do." They're happy, right? No more questions to ask. except..."When are you guys having kids ? You don't… Continue

Added by boo on October 17, 2008 at 1:30pm — 6 Comments

Welcome to the world, new puppies

6 days ago, my lovely dog borned 3 new lovely puppies, it is been 2 month , finally she born the puppies, i was been nervous and excited for all this long time, she was 5 years old, I am so worried if she can born the baby safe and easy, now she did it. she is so great , the first day I bought her till now, she is always doing good and surprise me.

My lovely pet Mattie is so brave, she born her first baby boy at the taxi which on the way to the pet hospital, so I decided to call him "… Continue

Added by boo on August 27, 2008 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Welcome to BeiJing my friend

"有朋自远方来, 不亦乐乎" Welcome to BeiJing My friend, the ancient poetry with the friendly greeting shows on the big wall of the bird nest. I love it, simple but impressive.

I believe a lot of people now are all feel so excited during the BeingJing 2008 game , the breathing taking ceremony begins with the famous chinese ancient painting and the classic beautiful Zeng musicl in elegant taste , tells the whole world we are a civilization country . welcome… Continue

Added by boo on August 14, 2008 at 2:14pm — 2 Comments

dying to keep fit

Today one pretty girl came to my studio and ask me to put the make up for her, the first impression of her is that she is so slender, small waist with big brest, very sexy, good figure, after the greeting, I ask her take a sit and I started to put the make up for her.

For the profession habit, I need to build a good relationship with my guest, so I praised her: " you are so slender, how could you keep such a good body ?" she smiled and tell me a story, she said she was so fat before back 2… Continue

Added by boo on April 11, 2008 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Feel Sad for you, my Majesty ! Elizabeth

Just watched the movie : " Elizabeth, the golden age ", I feel suffocated, to be a queen, she is unmarried, called virgin queen, no husband and childless, she contibuted all her life to England, but she didn't even become to be a real woman, I feel sad for her, It is impressed me when she asked Mr.Walter something that she hasn't know for a long time, "a kiss " and after he kissed her, she said: " die", I couldn't stop thinking, if in this case and let me be a queen if I want or not, the answer… Continue

Added by boo on March 28, 2008 at 9:36pm — 2 Comments

Show or disaster ?

Finally it is all over, I feel so relieved while looking at the photos from the graduated show, the atmosphere was tense during the past few month, I swear I never study so harder even back to my school time. With my passion for the make up job and I gave my effort, but you know what, the graduated show turns out almost like a disaster.

1 hour before the show, my teacher asked me about my theme of my design which I gave to him few… Continue

Added by boo on March 28, 2008 at 2:48pm — 2 Comments


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