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my friend telling me ... 

dont give back the same arrow if someone gave u , 

sometimes, ppl just give u the arrow when they angry , maybe not what they really mean it . 

angry management ... 

what bad i said from my mouth, it sounds okay into my ear , so I didnt reliaze that hurt another person ?

but another person said the same to me , for my ear , it sound very bad ?

it happened and happening .

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looking for beautiful things in life...

yeah. that is a long time... 

I have been throung a darkness , walked on the hot coal road . 

life is beautiful ... ! there are a lot beautiful things still in life. i just need to explore more ! 

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four girls meeting …

… Tonight , there were four girls dinner meeting( No man was allowed in ) … We chose one silent small resturant …

One of us just talked her story in life, and others will give the idea …

I found that is such good better than if only milar and i talked together ! The view of the things could be 4 times bigger ! and Everyone had differnet life experience, so everyone ‘s idea is very unique .

One girl is faceing the problem to choose marriage or…


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"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Friday , the first time I went out since I locked myself inside the house since monday, .... 6pm , I walking from the citic security office building ...

I looked at the sunshine ... it was so soft .. and it was getting dark , when i was walking ... Suddenly ,i felt like I want to walk forever or just keep walking , no stop ... just like Forrest Gump running in two years in the movie ,

and in my mind , I remember that sentence :

"Life is like a box of…


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How to kill " hello kitty " ?

This lunch time , One friend suddenly brought one cake ...

That cake is " hello kitty " face cake ...

When I saw it , then I fell in love with that cake ...

My frd put one candle on it ... and asked me to make a wish ... then I made a wish in silent ..

Then He asked me to cut it ... and eat it ...

When I held the knift…


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Should not go out tonight ...

Tonight , I was very tired ... went to baoan different place: shajing town and citic in baoan ...

When I came back home. I was almost exhausted . I would just stay home relax. and take shower. then sleep deeply ..

Suddenly around 11 pm . I was invited to have a walking . so i dressed up again . then starting a midnight walking ...

But I spoke some stupid words with cold mouth ... ( maybe too tired ) ?

Aiyaya ... so When I…


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Lucky day !!!

Never thought about ... so nice taxi driver !!

This morning , I need to bring a office software to one friend's apt , that moment , I carried a small pink bag and put most cash in that bag.

Afternoon , I changed to carried another big bag , for easy to put in some documents , after went to customer's office. then hurry to huaqiang bei to buy the another 3 office software . I caught one taxi to my friend's apt . when the taxi arrived near my friend's apt , I…


Added by alice on November 1, 2010 at 10:58pm — 3 Comments

Pls dont fall in love with me so fast ... !!!

Pls dont fall in love with me so fast... !!!

Pls dont treat me very nice at the beginning ... !

Pls just let 's to know more each other first ... !!

True Love is not a sand castle only , True Love is a making a roma!

Pls dont say " I love you " too early ,

Pls dont get angry so easy!!

Pls understand " I love you " is not only one word , It is a action , a promise .

Pls dont fall…


Added by alice on October 31, 2010 at 5:36pm — 12 Comments

Unexpected Package

Suddenly . someone knocked the door ! I walked slowly with stick to the door. when the door is opened , a postman appeared .. . oh.. a package. !

I just signed the name on the deliverying paper to the postman , and he gave me the package and left.

I opened the package box , then there is another paper package ...

The paper package was opened , there is another plastic package again ...

OH. two nice mobiles !

Then I…


Added by alice on October 8, 2010 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

reunion of classmates

Last night , it was a party for the reunion of middle school classmates ...

Last tuesday , I was told the reunion will be held at 5pm .

Two classmate girls drove a car , and came to "kidnap" me earlier back to the home village since yesterday noon . So I was locked to write the plan details for the party . wrote the words between two master of ceremonies. and saw and check their rehearse along... That was very interesting .

It was no doubt…


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the sandglass

Suddenly , the Mind is ... not willing to fall in sleeping ...

That is long time not have this feeling ...

Life is a sandglass , inverting it , the sand is just falling from up to the the down , until all sand fall to the bottom . .. then ... the life will be end

The blue is a sandglass,

The sandglass was inverted in this moment , the sand is falling from up to down ... then turn over , from another up to another down…


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best chicken wing

one night in last week , I had two free cinema tickcts, I asked my one gf to cinema together , but there was no excited movie this month . She and I went to dong meng Parkshop , Me -a little chinese lady found out there was chicken wing on sale only 10.90 RMB / 500g , so I was very happy to bought a lot .

I was too lazy to cook for a while ... over almost two month ...

so it was time to cook a good food ... cola chicken wing ! I… Continue

Added by alice on September 28, 2009 at 6:17pm — 3 Comments

out of the track

Ah ~ there is one question from u ...

I can't answer ur question in exact way , and I can't explain it well ...

I just feel , If the people seems like the a train , and life seems going on the fixed railway track usually . boring, eatin, sleeping , studying , growing , marriage , kids , dying , ... If everyone is on that same track ..

Then I think , maybe some people just might be different , with some kind of accidents , maybe a little out of the track , but… Continue

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sleepless night !

ya ya ... last night ... almost no sleeping ... gosh ... how could be ?

I was so happy to meet two friends ... and I drank some good wine with my two good freinds in my super small apt . then went for tasty seafood dinner in ming xiang restaurant ....

then went to the kalaokay with them together ...hoho... we had special cash card ! so almost free ...! hehehe...

and the working was going very good yesterday . everything seems just very fine .

I… Continue

Added by alice on January 22, 2009 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

he got a dream !

DEC 24 TH ,

Tonight , .... I am listening to the great music when i still working ...

Then I signed in that yahoo msn , haha ...

I saw a happy and funny offline message for me .. there.. .It was a very good Xmas 's gift !

Bil Walker: I went to Cleveland airport to meet your plane..I was SO excited for I wanted to meet you and show you this part of the USA!

Bil Walker: THEN....I woke UP! Boooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Bil Walker:… Continue

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no water night .

wrote in DEC 5th , there was a no water night ...

ya ya ... that was a interesting experience last night !

I worked whole day in bao an district. then my friend and her japanese husband were going to luo hu for japanese beef dinner. ! sure I like go with them in free taxi trip and have a good beef dinner together .

After big meal with them . ... then I took taxi hurry back to home for my favorite tv show , although It was 10 10 pm already… Continue

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lovely cold rain .:)

Tonight I walked on the street , I feel good with this cold cute rain .:).... then I write down ...

Every foot step creating a wet water memory on the ground ...

Cold wind running through into colorful umbrella crowd ,

it is making the air so clearly in dark night . opening the veil of dark night ...

I open my hand . let the rain drop on ... Accepting all soft handshaking with this cute winter rain ...

my Memory is running back… Continue

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It is a case --- Love has special color area ?...

Last sunday , My one good chatting friend ... He told me a horrible news about his gf... !

After he told me that news , I really got a big shock. then second reaction , I was getting angry with his gf ...

As a good friend of him ... almost three years , we shared the happy things and sadness each other ... sometimes in special holiday , we sent sms each other too . but never met yet ... because just really far .but the friendship is true .

So , i said that news… Continue

Added by alice on November 18, 2008 at 11:23pm — 3 Comments

Suddenly quiet again .

last week , there is one friend to visit me . and stayed with me a whole week ...

i was busy to cook ... often .... lunch . dinner !!!

And I need to keep cleaning the house everyday !!!

So that might let my friend to feel comfortable . ... !

and my job was very busy in last week , and I just accepted a whole new differnet parttime job from my friend company ... But that really keped me busy all the time .

i am used to live alone . And I work… Continue

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give me a pillow ...

when i can't sleep .
pls give me a pillow.
a pillow which can talk .
a pillow which is special soft.
which can touch my heart .

when i can't sleep .
pls give me a special pillow .
it can clear my mind .
it can share my loneness
give me a pillow which has a smiling when i lying on it .
do u have it?

Added by alice on July 9, 2008 at 12:30am — 3 Comments


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