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Shenzhen Stuff is a localized website for people living in Shenzhen which focuses on social expansion (people you don't know already) vs. social networking (people you already know).

It's not so much a dating website. If your ONLY interest is dating, might be a better option.


1. Don't SPAM the forum with messages about websites, products or services.
2. Don't create groups focused around an event, website, product or service.
3. Don't e-mail people about websites, products or services.
4. Don't use a commercial logo as your profile photo. Don't use a URL as your member or group name.
5. Don't use group e-mail to send messages about unrelated content. (i.e. Do not send an event message to the Rasta Music Group unless you have a Rasta band playing at your event.)
6. Do not post nude photos.
7. Don't threaten, harass or disrespect another member.
8. Don't post your phone number, e-mail or MSN on member's pages. If you've added someone as a friend, you can send your contact information to them by e-mail.
9. Don't cut and paste the same message to people's personal pages.
10. Content you add should abide with local regulations.
11. Use a real photo of YOU. Do not use a photo of a movie star, actor or other likeness to misrepresent yourself.

To report SPAM or harassment, click here.

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