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At this very moment I'm seated in the new Andes Cafe at Poly Cultural Plaza, amid the excitement of their opening party. This is the fifth Andes Cafe now opened, with two more coming soon in Dafen (the painting village in Buji) and another at Rose Garden in Shekou.

The usual great Andes, and what a GREAT location! Poly is amazing, and the Andes is between Papa John's and a bar street that includes a 3D, Bar Leo, Crystal and more.

Great Columbian coffee, great music, wireless, delivery. Tired of drinking coffee from Seattle? Try something from Columbia, where coffee is born!

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Comment by Jesse *djQuest* on March 17, 2008 at 12:56am
Its a shame the only coffee shop around here is Starbucks. I really like the environment at Andes.


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