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NEW: Columns and Features at Shenzhen Buzz

[Note: You probably know by now that this blog isn't the ONLY thing I write about Shenzhen. My screen name, Shenzhen Buzz, is also the name of my website. David at Shenzhen Stuff has graciously agreed to let me mention it; we feel that our sites complement rather than compete with each other.]

So anyway, in this blog I usually try to write about what's happening around Shenzhen "offline," but today I can't help myself: I just HAVE to write about the BUZZ.

We have launched a new section on the site, the Features. This includes columns and articles by a number of Shenzhen writers, photographers, and artists (as well as yours truly).

Updates will occur almost daily, so please check often.

As this post explains, you can read the columns by title or by date. (Right now there's only one column per title, but in just a few weeks...)

The best bet for the casual browser is to click in by date, giving you all the titles according to when they were published. Try it: click here for this week's columns (so far -- remember, more will be added almost daily.)

So that's it. Hook up with your friends here at SZ Stuff, do a little reading at SZ Buzz, and live the GOOD LIFE here in Shenzhen!

What's up so far (as of Wednesday morning, March 19):

  • Doing Your Civic Duty (Shopping column): "Feels Like Home Again: Shopping for 'Foreign' Goods in Shenzhen": Susan Buchanan shows you where to buy good stuff that was made for export but never made it out of the country
  • Shutter Buzz: "Christopher Lay on Christopher Lay": Our crack interviewer of photographers interviews...himself?!
  • Shenzhen Faces: "Li Youling, Street barbecue vendor": Jesse Warren introduces us to our Chinese neighbors; first up is this street vendor
  • Shenzhen Stage and Screen: "Cats By the Book": Mr. Shenzhen coughs up yet another hairball about the impending feline invasion

Remember, you can get to all of these, and the future additions, by clicking here.

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Comment by James Baquet on March 19, 2008 at 9:39pm
Not yet Mirko. I hope in April...or May...


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