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Well, friends, like the butcher who backed into the meat grinder, I've been getting a little behind in my work.

Over at the Buzz, the writers are writing, but I have been slow to post their work.

But tonight I managed to "catch up" on one of the columns. A certain Shenzhen Drifter really knows his way around Chinese food. You may be familiar with his restaurant-by-restaurant reviews in the Shenzhen Daily.

But he's doing something different for us.

Instead of telling you about a restaurant, he's bringing his vast knowledge of Chinese dining to bear on the column "Talk of the Wok." There, he teaches you about a particular cuisine or type of food, and recommends what's good , and then tells you a few choice restaurants where you can find it.

So far he's written about Buddhist vegetarian food, Muslim Halal food, and Cantonese dim sum.

As he writes, we try to give a little supporting information as well. After the Buddhist piece, we did listings for most of the Buddhist restaurants in Shenzhen (some are still in progress). With the Muslim piece, we start a small page on resources for Muslims in Shenzhen. And for the dim sum article, we give an extensive list of dim sum restaurants, including the popular Made in Kitchen at Guomao, and the "Seaport" chain.

So go check it out. Maybe you'll learn more about one of your favorite foods (do you know what "dim sum" means?), or maybe you'll discover a whole new world of culinary pleasure.

Bon appetit!

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