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aimee... my fire goddess and long friend in LA
shes been learning to fire breath for over a year now... she fuckin rocks

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Comment by Alex155 on April 29, 2008 at 3:38pm
im a scorpio... in fact, with 5 planets in scorpio so to speak (sun. moon, venus, pluto, and mars)
talkin dirty is my mission in life = )
Comment by Alex155 on April 29, 2008 at 2:09pm
your perspective on the beggar (God bless his soul btw)... hmm, that was deep. really. complete self disintegration... where every fiber of his core existence shattered to pieces... total annihilation of "the self"... as you mentioned, no future. living on the edge for sure

in fact, being encaptured in the vortex of 1500 degrees of fire and heat will bring about the same if not more similiar cognitive experience to that of the street beggar. meaning, when dancing with fire to music theres that comes that magical connection -- a synergy of movement and sound. fire becomes the dancer and dancer becomes the music. all merged into only one entity. i call it "the tiny universe within a universe" there, you will not find "the self" or the "i"... everything dissappears including myself.. which i would define "living on the edge" where an individual is willingly setting himself to lose his/herself in a society where "letting go" is a scary concept, on top of which, putting themselves in harms way of being burned with 1500 degrees of fire

now in contrast, my side of living on the edge is very different in comparison to the beggar. i dont suck away on other peoples energy but offer inspiration and happiness. ive yet seen a crowd with frowns or discontent while even the most amateur fire dancer is in action. all smiles and its infectious. living on the edge not at the expense of others so to speak...

its not a delusion. = ) the danger of losing oneself in terms of both mentally and physically is quite evidentand real when you play with fire. its a total mental fuck that maybe you will never come to know or understand...

thanks for hangin out to you both... = )
Comment by Mike46 on April 29, 2008 at 12:39pm
My example is of a Chinese girl I know very well who was thrown out of her home at about 12 and left her village at 14 to travel China looking for work to keep her alive. Every day that she survived was a triumph. Now she's very happy to be well back from the edge.

When I tell people down the cricket club about my life they are impressed, but apart from a couple of occasions thirty-odd years ago [fuelled by sex/alcohol] I've always had an easy way out if I wanted it.

I agree, it's time to give Alex his page back.
Comment by Mike46 on April 29, 2008 at 11:51am
It's the title of an album by the LA punk group Dead Kennedys, which includes such memorable ditties as "Too Drunk to Fuck" and "California Uber Alles". I've always taken it as a comment on the life styles of those Americans who believe that they live "on the edge".
Comment by Mike46 on April 28, 2008 at 11:24pm
"Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death"
Comment by Alex155 on April 28, 2008 at 11:12am
love sports... more physical the better. i thrive on creativity... you should know better, youre in interior design or whatnot. anti-social... hmmm. livin on the edge makes me smile... your milage may vary. chablis... eck, i prefer patron silver tequila body shots
Comment by Alex155 on April 28, 2008 at 12:45am

1. physical benefits - this art is up there with taichi (simliar emphasis in making smooth circular motion) combined with heavy hand exercises
2. creativity - no limit as to the various geometric patterns one can create with fire and light
3. community - fire has always drawn people together for warmeth, shelter, and security for centuries
4. the danger factor - the thril

bottom line, ever heard of the phrase, "being in the moment..."
Comment by Alex155 on April 26, 2008 at 3:26pm
petrol and gasoline will instantly combust in your face... not a happy kodak moment*
fire breathers mainly prefer lamp oil... a bit on the yucky side (the aftertaste that is) but maximum effect


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