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The "Double Edged Sword" Experience of Being a Highly Creative Person

The inability to identify highly creative individuals and their aptitudes, in and of itself, places many people at risk for serious and longstanding problems in many areas of life. This experience often includes the development of emotional and psychological problems, academic difficulties, the inability to find a suitable career or relationship, and generalized feelings of dissatisfaction with life and with oneself.

Many highly creative people come to lead marginalized lives as adults – confused, frustrated, underemployed and in great psychological pain.

Their deepest turmoil often stems from the fact that, although they may
feel they are capable, they are unable to bring their talents into the world
in a recognizable or tangible form.

They often feel confused in their attempts to figure this “puzzle” out.

When creatively gifted do not fully understand their own, unique cluster of raw abilities (that is, their abilities as they exist independently of any particular task or endeavor), they are often at risk for the following difficulties:


Sounds somehow familiar to me...

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Comment by my name is mine, dein?nein, mein on November 8, 2010 at 11:31pm
Thats too stereo type and it does already make u sad while reading...Still it's all up to u... theres always a "Mittelweg" for the one who wants to find it... I just sometimes feel its difficult to find other ppl who are as creative and different as I see myself for e.g... I'm interested in a 1000 things and do a 1000 things and want to do more and sometimes its hard to understand that some ppl would never think about things which seem important to u, be it history, politics, a green life style etc... but thats whats called acceptance and the world would be terribly boring if we all would be the same...think the same or do the same..
Comment by BoZ on December 22, 2007 at 8:51am
Just somboty trying to fit in...
why do you ask?


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