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a unknown dog was found at C.G.M(Chegongmiao) station

A unknown dog was found at C.G.M(chegongmiao)station last Friday(June 1st)around 6:30pm nearby the D1,D2 exit

according the metro station staff the dog came into the D1 exit and came down and lay down at the floor

but it was not a stranger dog nor a loner dog...becoz the fur were so cleaned and doesn't fear of humans

so the metro staff workers thinks it definitely has a owner and they thought it was too hot and it might lost it's owner and it's possible that might be came down to the metro station to cool it down for while.

so the metro station staff workers decided to gave it some water and sausages but it didn't eat at all but it drank a lot of water...

at that hour was a Friday rush hour so lots of people took a photo of the dog but doesn't know whose the owner is

and the metro station staff decided to let it stay there for a while until the owner comes....

if you know this dog's owner or it's dog's name

pls come to the chegongmiao station and pls contact the station stuff...


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