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Success Coach – Admiral ///Gold Dust/// Love

Sir, this is the method adopted by me. I will give you exact details.


First i will find the girls who are alone,


Then i approach by holding a notepad in my hand, saying


 ME:- "Excuse me ma'am, I am zoology student, am doing a survey on love and relationships, Can i ask you two questions??


HER:- I am busy right now or i am in a hurry


ME:- Thank you ma'am. Closed 






ME:- "Excuse me ma'am, I am zoology student, am doing a survey on love and relationships, Can i ask you two questions??


HER:- Yes, you can go on.


ME:- "if you could change anything about love, men or dating, what would it be"?


HER:-They should hear what we say and blah blah blah OR they should stop messing up with their mobile OR they say "It's waste of time  OR i don't know"


ME:-I have another question ma'am.


HER:- Please go on.


ME:- Do you think most men are too nice or too macho?


HER:-//Most of them say they are Macho and few say they are too nice//


ME:- Ma'am your name? I am Ateeth.


HER:- Monika or Raksha or etc..


ME:- Ma'am i have some more questions to ask, can i have your Home phone number[If she is from local]  OR can i have your contact number?[if she is a foreigner] so that i can ask them?


HER:- No i can't give my Home phone number or i don't have contact number OR they will give.


ME:-Thank you ma'am.


My problem is  I want some more funny questions to engage them in a talk as i am totally a armature in dating.


From yesterday, In streets- 5 approaches, 1 mobile number .


In college[Today]:-5 approaches, 1 mobile no. from a foreigner.


I have a doubt that i am not doing right, i am doing a mistake in some aspect.


MY REQUEST IS GIVE ME A "PROTOCOL or STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE" ON HOW YOU DO IT?? Like how you engage the girl after asking the questions for 30 minutes or 5 minutes[ if we meet the girl on street or we meet in college]. or PLEASE GIVE A STEP BY STEP EXAMPLE[from your experience with a girl starting from first question till asking for home phone number] as it will be useful for me and many of our friends.Sir, please give the example as i have shown.

NOTE:-i have memorized 85% of your posts, still i am acting stupid. I can give lecture to many guys on relationships but myself am struck like this. Being one of your old student, even though had been dated many girls but i have not even kissed a single girl.

Awaiting for your reply........

Yours truly,


PG Ateeth


Hello PG Ateeth,

You are doing better then you think. You feel you are not doing as well because you are becoming aware. ///The Zoology student doing a survey/// skit takes a lot of guts and I congratulate you on taking this approach. It is guaranteed to work. Go through the interview questions quickly and invite the girl for a drink before closing her for her home phone number. The reason for the skit is to build image posture. Rather then thinking you are a potential serial killer, she now has respect for you as being a scholar, more importantly her comfort level is high because she trusts you as opposed if you simply approached her. The questions deal with her subject of interest – romantic relationships. But now you have to make the transition from being an interesting stranger that she can trust to being a potential love interest so you have to take it to an informal level by asking her to have a drink with you and talk more personally for fifteen minutes before asking for the number, otherwise she may think your intention is professional, not personal.

You say you look for girls who are alone, but you have to learn to deal with multiple girls, perhaps one out of two or three likes you, you have to find out who is the one by looking for buying signals, such as her being playful and flirting, her eyes getting bigger, touching, personal questions, compliments, you have to learn to compare which girl gives you more of these buying signals and close that one for the home phone number.

But guess what PG Ateeth, you start by ignoring the girl you like and paying more attention to another girl, which raises her Interest Level.

You also have to learn to approach groups with males in them. Do not assume the other male in the group is her boyfriend, he could just as well be a brother, a friend, a homosexual, a colleague, or a man who likes her, but she does not like him, even if he is her boyfriend, he could be her boyfriend on his way out. In other words her Interest Level in him is between 49% and 30%, she is looking for a replacement, and he is just a bad habit. So you have a very good excuse to interview her, even if she is with her lover, you do not offend him by conducting a zoological or sociological interview.

We are just polishing your rough edges, the fact that you are doing the skit takes much more guts then even going for the kiss, I am proud of you, but you always have to try to stretch your comfort level by daring more!   i

Some more questions... Ask the girl how does she test guys. You will hear plenty of funny answers. Girls do the funniest things to see if the man compensates or lacks a Backbone. Even nice girls test. Testing is one of the most interesting aspects of Feminine Behaviour. Always bounce questions off of her answers and dig deeper. The next question you can discuss Womanese with her. Tell her that based on your zoological research you have discovered that women speak a different language from men and you are in the process of deciphering it. (They fib by not saying what they really mean). You compare her statements to her actual actions and choices to know the real meaning of her Womanese. The higher her Interest Level, the more open she is, and the more she speaks English or Hindi then Womanese because as you know women with a High Interest level do not confuse men. So ask her if she speaks Womaense with all the men, or there are some men with whom she speaks plain language. Then ask her to describe the man. Coincidentally ask her if he is the same man she stayed with the longest. Ask what effect does Challenge (playing hard to get on purpose) has on her Interest Level. Most women know they respond positively to humor, but do not know they respond positively to Challenge, so you will have to dig into her actual choices to get to the real truth. Explaining the concepts of Interest Level (degree of love), Challenge (the positive effect of wonderment on a woman’s Interest Level through inaction where she expects action) can be a lot of fun.

OK you look in her eyes while she is talking to fake sincerity, because women need to feel they can trust you to get intimate, and let her completely finish talking, because starting talking before she finishes is insincere. A woman with a high Interest Level will be helping you, so expect her to add things after a few seconds pause. Then once she is completely finished, extend your elbow and say, we are going to that restaurant to have some refreshments and for me to know you better, based on your answers you are an interesting woman. Then hold her hand to cross the street, testing her if she will squeeze your hand (a buying signal), but as soon as you cross the street, put her hand back on your elbow, as a gentleman does not hold hands in public except when crossing the street, open the door and let her enter first, choose a table and choose a refreshing juice for her, then keep the conversation funny and lighthearted, make some gentle jokes at her expense (but never about her appearance, taste, religion, or political views), to see if she has a sense of humor, and also because if you are too nice she will think you are wimpy. MAKE HER LAUGH. Then you have to find the culminating point of victory (when she is most engaged with your jokes, before the conversation dyes down), it is at the culminating point of victory that you ask for her home phone number. It should be like pulling the carpet from under her – unexpected. Many girls nowadays use the mobile phone instead of the home phone, but since asking for the home phone number sounds much more confident and unusual, you always ask for the home phone number first. If she offers you her mobile number, do not jump on it, wait for an explanation, why she is giving you her mobile number instead of the home phone number. Are her parents uptight, or she does not have a home phone? If neither, you throw the number away when sshe is out of sight. After you get the girl’s number you have two options, leave before she does, letting her wonder, or, escort her to her home, but stop ten meters before her door, to be a Challenge. Which option to choose depends on your other plans. Say nice to meet you before you part. Remember the one to two small compliments per date rule (such as ///you look nice///, ///thanks for the fun time///, ///thank you for choosing me///, ///nice to meet you///, ///you have beautiful teeth///. Compliments on other body parts are not classy. And the compliments have to be understated and few, let her compliment you more then you compliments her.)     

I have to point out one mistake that you are doing. Remember that during the first nine weeks, when you are looking for and building a woman’s Interest Level you test her a lot, such as the home phone number test, the kiss test, the no asking her out for a weekend and waiting until she asks you why you do not do that test. What is the first test that you give a woman? You ask her name, but you do not volounteer your name! Be quiet amd wait for her to ask your name. If she doesn’t there is no point to continue with the home phone number test, because she either has a low Interest Level or bad manners. So that is the first test you give her. Remember, Kamloveology is all about testing women like they used to test us, now it’s our turn to hold the rejection card.

Remember you kiss the girl after the second big date, keeping your hands to yourself for a few hours, building her Interest Level, then when you drop her off at home, you take her to a privaete place near her house, or if her family/roommates are not uptight you do it on her doorstep. If she does not go along with it, it may be because she is not flexible or because she is afraid to be seen by uptight family. You try one more time, and if it does not work out again, move on to a new adventure. A girl with a high Interest Level will suck your tongue out even if kissing is against all Indian traditions, because she is flexible and trusts your ideas!



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My Weixin is on my page
Comment by Magnus (Dj Mike) on January 18, 2011 at 4:36am
Who said anything about "keeping clinically sane ones" and "measuring success by the number of women we keep?"
Comment by Mr. Lev Yur'evich Kamensky (ij) on January 17, 2011 at 9:49pm
Freakboy, ///And now we all understand why you are single///

we measure success not by the number of women we keep but by only keeping clinically sane ones with a high degree of love in us and attitude strength traits of flexibility, giving, honesty, loyalty, and trust. it is better to be alone then to be a feminista's batler or to be with a user, or a woman with a low intesrest in you, or to have no power in the relationship. your statement there implies that being in a relationship makes one superior to being alone, which is only a half-truth.

Luigi, one does not exclude the other, and univesrsal principles spill over into all areas of life, from dating, to war, to negotiation, to sales. study the campaigns of Bohdan Khmelnitsky.


My Weixin is on my page
Comment by Magnus (Dj Mike) on January 16, 2011 at 8:52am
And I thought I was the only one who thought he was (insert adjective of choice here).
Comment by Drunken Monkey on January 14, 2011 at 12:48pm

You scare me with the kind of crap.

Comment by Biophoton on January 14, 2011 at 12:10pm
Comment by Cynic on January 13, 2011 at 9:14pm
@Luigi LOL, that only requires about a paragraphs worth of battle tactics.  This guy thinks he is the love master.

My Weixin is on my page
Comment by Zen on my back on January 13, 2011 at 4:48pm
Do you want to date a girl or are you planning to invade Poland?
Comment by JR on January 13, 2011 at 3:40pm
This is just so full of epic fail. Err... good luck.
Comment by Freakboy on January 13, 2011 at 1:28pm
And now we all understand why you are single


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