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It is hard to hold it

 and not to say it!

Mostly we would say hey...

it's your god given right to express your mind!

No matter who you're stepping on

No matter who gets hurt!


Yes' I've made a promise to myself

that I wouldn't be saying something bad as long as I can take it..

but you know what it it quite hard to hold it

because all you end up with is cursing up a storm in your head!!

But still I haven't said it!!!


Those who know me have been giving me the speech lately,

like what's up... let it out or else you'll end up somewhere!

Still' all I do is smile and say hey... going to hold it

Expressing myself on paper!!!


I've noticed that there are some people that I avoid

You know those who are just asking to be blasted with those four letter words!

The once who are to true to be real, giving those " wow, you're cool"

kinda vibe, just drives me up the walls cause I've promised to keep my mouth shut... for now!


This may get old fast but keeping the promise this year!

Just making life a little interesting for the simple bit

of enjoyment... cause it somehow gives me the tickle when

I'm having those great conversations that I couldn't...

you know you look at someone, smile and edit

your words at the same time!!



Still holding on until this year  ends^^)


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Comment by Wormy Wormworm Wormington on December 30, 2010 at 4:57pm
yeah yeah , i agree with jojo she's right.


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