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I have a story to tell,about a guy from Jordan,he named himself Jimmy,he is a cheater,idk where is he now,probably in Shenzhen or Zhuhai,he knows that chinese girls are kind and helpful,he uses that to get money and free place to stay and travel.

I met a guy last year in SZ,when i first met him he seems as normal as other people,he told me he was from Australia,he was a traveler and wanna settle down in china and found a job and stuff,and he was in trouble had no money no place to live nojob nobody wanna help him,I didnt think too much,I'd like to help cause that sounds pretty"serious" trouble,but since I started to help him,I also started to lose time,and money,and mood and everything.I remember at that time there were a girl who told me to be careful he might be a cheater,but i didnt listen to her.

He told me he hated china,people jealous him,people kept doing rude things to him and staring at him for no reason,he said he loves chinese baby hated foreign baby,he just hated everything and everyone,if you ever hear something like that,thats him.

he told me his family wounldnt help him,he hated his family,he even curse his mother.But at the same time he kept asking me to call his father to ask for money. 

he told me he was a dj,after a few days he told me he worked as english teacher,he told me he is Australian,but the fact is he is from Jordan.

I spend a whole week busy for him,I offer him hotel to stay,I ran all over SZ for the "trouble"he met,I spent all the money i had in my traffic card,I even spent about 900 rmb to help him go to Kuala Lumpur to fix his "Visa",then i had no money at all,no even the money for my own food,I'm just a student,I dont have a lot money.But he still keep asking me for money,tell me how bad his situation is,how bad people treat him,no place to stay noone help him ,when i refused(i really had no money at all),he started to call me "Bi**h" and say how bad i am.

Everything he told me was NOT TRUE AT ALL,I believe in nothing,when he was in SZ,i knew he cheated a few girls,I knew two of them,when i got the information from them,we all found out he've been cheating us ALL THE TIME,EVERYTHING. Just for money. When he met other girls,he told me how bad i treated him,how bad i am,i'm a devil,i'm a bi**h and stuff.

Before he left for KL,he left me a few his clothes and two books,after he left I stop helping him,one night he threaten me that if i dont post him his stuff,god knew what he would do. Then i went to police station.But they couldnt help cause I didnt have his passport information and I had his stuff with me.But what can I do,really,god knew what he would do on me when he back to sz.

But he back to guangzhou,on new year holiday,he called me ,he found another girl,she was being cheating like me,like every other girls he met.But later she found out he was a cheater,but she host him in her place,that made her terrified,so she asked him to leave or she would call police,when she back home,she found that he almost ruin her house,all the windows broken,and wall,her stuff everywhere ,totally mess up,and he brought some of her stuff which seems expensive.And he punched her,pull her hair,chock her...thats what she told me,after he left she went to police,but just like me,police didnt offer help,she sent me his passport information,and some messages he sent to her.

Then he went to Macao,then back to SZ,then idk,today he called me with his Zhuhai number,everytime he contact me ,i get so mad that i start trembling,police cant kick him out of china,police cant protect girls from him,how can I make him leave china,he will meet more and more good girls,more and more girls will be cheat,be hurt from him.I cant imagine.Here I just tell a few things he did,there are still many many things happened,and god knows how many things he've done that idk yet.and i know he will do worse.

He cant be more evil,he is a smart cheater at first ,but give him no more than one week,people will know he is a cheater cause he cant remember every lie he made then he starts to make mistakes,but they already lose a lot. I dont want that happen again,seriously.

Here is the information I have,and the message he sent to that girl in GZ,my phone cant do screenprint,but if you ever met him,you know how horrible he is.Girls be careful of him,god knows what he would do.

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Comment by Halfsexyhalfcute Halley on March 18, 2014 at 3:35am

Lol, I saw this guy when I was on the way to seaworld at weekend, I can hear that he kept swearing on the, my friends were spreading information about what he did in wechat, so this is true?Thanks for your warning,btw.

Comment by Profanipenguin on March 15, 2014 at 3:18pm

Swordman88 - Proving that writing a long reply doesn't make you smarter. You do know that "Cheating" includes robbing, thieving, swindling, etc. as well as fucking someone outside of a relationship right? They do have dictionaries where you come from right?

Comment by SwordMan88 on March 15, 2014 at 11:10am

She says she did not have sex with him, so it seems her helping him was out of the kindness of her own heart. This is possible, but very naive. From what you said op the guy was spouting hate speech from the moment you met him. It also sounds like he has a victim complex.

As for the OP, it sounds like she simply has led a "very" sheltered life. This does not make her stupid, just uneducated in the ways of the world to some extent. One could say to a very large extent, but that does not make her stupid per say. Even if we were to agree it does, such stupidity can be corrected by learning from such lessons.

This so called aussie is clearly a want to be con artist, I say want to be because he isn't a very good one, and in any self respecting country he would never be able to get anywhere in such a nefarious trade, seeing as he is clearly mentally unstable. Most good con men, whilst lacking morals, tend to be anything but. This guy, sounds like he is about ready for a rubber room.

I would have to agree that the OP got off light, and has learned a lesson about not being too trusting.

As for never having sex with the guy, and her saying she has a boyfriend, I am not sure I believe this. Her words about him cheating on her, well, how can you be cheated on by someone that you are "not" in a relationship with? My guess is that her saying this is a form of back peddling, a way of trying to save some face, and not look as stupid as she fears she does. Clearly they had some form of brief relationship.

As for some saying she is posting this to get back at him, likely that is part of it, though likely wanting to warn others may also be a part. I don't think it is very helpful though, as she posted no name, or passport photo, so more than likely she is simply seeking understanding, and support from others.

Let us not attack the poor girl for lack of worldliness. Certainly she was duped, and used, but it is more her parents fault than her own, as they clearly sheltered her, and did not teach her what she needed to know. She also tried to help someone. Whether or not her actions were totally selfless is beside the point, as clearly there was something in it for her as well, as is the case with most of us when we try to help someone. Few outside of homeless shelters will offer aid to strangers they feel nothing for, after all.

In the end she is the victim, let us not forget that. Certainly the fellow she helped is no victim, no matter what he might have said.

I do feel a little sorry for this girl, and I hope this fellow is booted out of China, as he gives foreigners a bad, bad name among the locals.

Comment by SwordMan88 on March 15, 2014 at 10:56am

It never ceases to amaze me how good people get suckered in by bad ones, and how they never see the truth until it is too late. At the same time, they never fall for the nice people, only the bad ones. I would say that there is something wrong if you let this guy stay with you so soon, and were drawn in so easily. Clearly this fellow is a sociopath, and an all around scum bag. Such people can sense weakness is others, and know hot to capitalize on it. My guess is he is good looking, which was likely what attracted these girls to him, and is likely all the saw.

Chinese girls are especially naive. They live sheltered lives, and their parents don't seem to teach them very much about reality, hence they don't have the tools required to know how to deal with such situations, or to even be suspicious when faced with such a person. Live and learn I suppose, too bad she had not learned sooner.

Stay away from this guy, he is a nutter, narcissist, sociopath, and professional victim. Good riddance I say. Block his number, and stop replying to his texts. Oh yeah, and give his passport information to the police. Problem solved.

Comment by Kelly on March 13, 2014 at 6:10pm terrible..

Comment by Profanipenguin on March 11, 2014 at 1:14pm

@Sukio Batatinha - Actually arguing is generally what most of us are good at on this website; except for Ben but he does try hard. :-)

Like you I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and I do help total strangers from time to time. Getting burned is just one of those things. Giving a warning to others after getting burned seems fair enough to me too.

Comment by sukio batatinha on March 11, 2014 at 1:02pm

Please ,please don't argue here,here in this website is really not a place to make it war,that's not my point at all,I just want girls see that and be careful,I don't mean nothing else,no matter where they come from there are always some bad people around,and some people who can't see the truth as early as possible and being too helpful,it's just a post,a sign,some words to tell girls to be careful,he is still around in Guangdong,but I cannot stop him,what I can do just something like that,try not to let it happen again.We all ever did stupid things,and we learn from that,but now it's more than a lesson.

And i also wanna thank who understand me and know why I post it here.

Comment by Ben on March 11, 2014 at 12:50pm

Well people get cheated, that's a fact of life. There are players of both genders but how men and women especially Chinese women handle betrayal is quite different. While men suck it up and move on with life (usually), you Chinese women (usually) take it to social media sites for public shaming which is both inappropriate and childish.

Comment by Joshua Fernandez on March 11, 2014 at 12:25pm

I'm not going to say I haven't been duped once or twice due to women or some other douchebag. We have all been there, Chinese to foreigner, and foreigner to Chinese. But i think this is a good lesson, and I agree that you got off lightly. I'm not saying to be overly suspicious of anyone you meet, but at least be able to read them and notice the signs. I also wouldn't get involved with a random backpacker that immediately asks for help. They have to at least be introduced through a mutual friend. The moment he started asking for money is when red lights should start flashing and you should look to have nothing to do with the guy. Sorry that happened to you.

Comment by iWolf on March 11, 2014 at 10:56am

I wouldn't be concerned Bruce. You comment is about as relevant as any other on this discussion, mine included.

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