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EMERGENCY NOTICE some sections of Metro line 1 will be shut down due to consturation works starting from June 9th this saturday

This is a Emergency notice for Metro commuters out there...

Metro line 1 section between Xinan station(新安站)~

Shenzhen university station(深大站) will be

shut down due to consturation works.

which will be starting from June 9th(Saturday) 9:00pm.

for those who are going to these sections.

the sections between

xinan station(新安站)~Shenzhen university station(深大站)

(including qianhaiwan station(前海湾站)(line 1 section),

liyumen station(鲡鱼门站),Daxin station(大新站),Taoyuan station(桃园站))

will be providing a shuttle bus for these sections.

and the trains intervals will be 8 mins for the other sections

between Airport east station(机场东站)~Xinan station(新安站) and 

Shenzhen university station(深大站)~Luohu station(罗湖站).

pls keep this in mind who are using or gonna take line 1 in the future.


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Comment by Mike46 on June 4, 2018 at 11:51am

That is going to be a total pain. Maybe I will have to find a bus.


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