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how could u know if he like u or not even he's ur bf?

Someone who was my firend asked me this question few days ago as a girl of mine was telling her love story with her bf.

We seat in silent at once.

It can be annoying when u sink ur heart into it. I mean love. It's simple and it also could be complicated when someone put some extra content in.



 A film named "He is just not that into you" , at the begining of it, saying that we girls mostly like to persuade our friends by telling  various kind of reasons why the boy or man didn't ring you up since u dated with him.

And the truth is , HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Even ur bf,  he will want to be separated sometimes. He will put his heart on another woman's eyes.

I got no answer to my friend's question.



But I think there's no point to seek out the answer. You'll got nothing but a quarrel with you bf.

Love is trust, though we trust too much when we shouldn't have.

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Comment by Maniac on Thursday

Why so many ppl mentioned the movie“He is just not that into u”?

I liked Jennifer a lot,but not this movie.


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