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How to learn to write articles: 20 tips

1) Even if your copywriting skill is frankly weak, do not despair: practice works wonders. Daily work with texts can turn you into a very skilful performer. Fair.

2) Read the right literature. You are what you eat spiritually. If you limit your daily diet by reading "Vkontakte" posts or notes on politics, then you simply will not have the strength to write something worthwhile. Copywriting vitamins are contained only in good literature.

3) Write articles naturally, do not change the mask, sitting down at the computer. The more your style of writing is close to your inner worldview, the easier it will be to "switch" to work. Naturally, with time this will be transferred to your style of writing articles. The more you open copywriting, the more interesting and vivid your notes will be.

4) If the text is not written, do not force yourself.  There is essay help online. The customer is better to honestly say that you have no inspiration, than to take a second-rate product.

5) Try to work out your own style. Each copywriter has a unique style, for which the author is guessed. There you have it. Ideally - to ensure that your texts are recognized even without a signature.

6) Do not "stuck" in the offer of extra information. A series of long sentences with a mass of commas is the first sign of dilettantism. If the sentence can be split into two - crush.

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7) Observe a certain rhythm of the narrative. Long sentences alternate with short ones. This is really important. Do not let the reader fall asleep, constantly keep it toned. The same size of sentences in the text will lead to the reader getting tired of monotonous reading. Learn to write "ragged" articles. It works. Verified

8) Do not write an article if you understand that you are starting to lie. The reader feels such things.

9) A short word is better than a long one. The usual offer is better than the long one. A familiar word is better than a stranger. A small paragraph is better than the big one.

10) Spend on the headline exactly as much as planned + as much as the same. Hone the headline until you want to kiss. Even if this is an SEO-headline.

11) Do not try to write articles like everyone else. People who achieved success, just were not "like everyone else." It's safe to walk with the crowd, but it's completely pointless. If you are attuned to professional growth, then boldly stand out from the crowd. Even a note on how to learn how to write an article that you are reading right now is created quite differently from that of others. Also noticed?

12) Always do more than you were asked for. Customers remember such things. Yes, and it will come in handy, work over the load - the best training, giving the opportunity to learn how to write excellent articles.

13) Even if you sat down to write a boring routine material, write it as if you were going to be nominated for the Booker Prize for it.

14) Be yourself unhappy. It is desirable - always. The options "but, okay, come down", generally should not be. Copywriting is a constant search and a desire to grow. Without options.

15) If you did not work today, it means that the experience of this day is lost for you irrevocably. Exception - weekends and holidays. Learn to write articles every day.

16) There are not so many people in the world who value their opinion. The opinion of a random dude from the Internet is not exactly on this list. Today you are praised, tomorrow - they try to level with the ground. Fine. Copywriting - it sometimes hurts, develop a professional deafness. And get used to: in those who stand out against the general background, there are always more stones.

17) Let in each your text necessarily there will be a piece of positive and humor. Do not turn your materials into quarterly labor reports of the cremation department.

18) Find time to read books. To learn how to write good quality articles is possible only if you feed yourself.

19) Do not be afraid to write about what has already been illuminated by someone. If you look only for topics that no one has written yet, you can fall into a coma from despair. It is not the theme itself that is important, but how it will be served by you. About love wrote a billion times, but it does not mean anything at all.

20) Be easier, do not be afraid to laugh at yourself. Self-irony is a lot of the strong.

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