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How to сreate new unique names for the characters of your story

You can use the name as the last name. Since the name and surname usually sound quite differently, breaking this rule will help your character to stand out a little among others.

Examples of such rotation can serve as options: Anne Joey, Robert Gideon, Paul Michael

This delicate technique is best suited for describing events unfolding in place and time, close to the author.

Look for names in unexpected places. Browse the titles to a TV show or movie; there you can find a large number of atypical names and their combinations on the relevant web page. Walking on foot or driving around the city on a bicycle or car, pay attention to the names of the streets. For a name, you can even borrow the name of a foreign city, a distant nebula or an exotic plant.

This is a fairly free approach, so it can be extended to the whole variety of genres and names: both male and female.

Unusual options can be found in books. Look through the telephone directory or dictionary of names, especially children's books. There you can find many rare names and interesting variations of their pronunciation.

Is it possible to name the ones commonly found there: Razili, Kadia, Joval, Jentani, Caryl or Calin?

If you want to not just find a beautiful name, but strive to emphasize the character of the hero, contact the library of myths. However, so that it does not sound too trite (say, Athena), you will have to abandon the Scandinavian, Greek or Roman mythology.

Create names from simple words. It is said that some names in "Harry Potter" by Joan Rowling constituted an anagram for describing the nature of the character. There are a number of algorithms for such a search, which can be used for such a selection. For example:

Mix ordinary names. So, from "Sarah" and "Josephine" you can get "Josara" and "Serafina"; "Garrett" and "Adrian" can become "Adriet" and "Garran", and so on.

Experiment with different pronunciation options. Replace Michael Mikael, Gabriel Gaybrel, and so on.

Change the order of the letters in your own name (or your friend's name). If your name is Bob Smith, you can use the inversion of letters to get something like Omi Tibbs. Your friend Eileen can become Nelly, Annabel Belannoy, and so on.

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Make anagrams for everyday words. For example, "laughter" can become the basis for the name Meskh, "jumper" - for Gunpri. You can also use this method to create a name that matches the character of your character. So, a man named Meskh (from the word "laughter") can be a joker and a jovial person, and a character with an anagram name for the word "jumper" is really addicted to parkour and be known for jumping above everyone.

Name the hero in honor of your favorite literary character. But try not to do it too obvious, because you do not want to engage in open plagiarism.

For example, if you want to name your heroine in honor of Katniss Everdin, do not just call her Katniss Everdin, since it's not only unoriginal, but it's also a violation of copyright law. Instead, try to create a similar name, such as "Katarina" instead of "Katniss", or "Dean" instead of "Everdin."

You can also use names of celebrities to create new ones, mixing them or combining them. For example, Justin Baiber and Kate Alex can become Jacks Kelbair.

To create new names, use existing words and phrases: adapt them or write them down with errors. This can be a spelling mistake or the use of transliteration.

Let's try to write down with errors "Like that". Let it have turned out "Vratitava". Then from what turned out, we choose an interesting combination. For example Titav, Itav or Rati.

Write down a short passage from the song without spaces between the words and try to find interesting combinations. For example, based on the fragment: "He who believes, he is on the road. The voice of the wind, the stars of love "we got the Tover, Tigol, Etraz, Ritto, Losva, Etra, Azew.

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