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Although not everyone can write like classics, but you can learn to work quickly and professionally. From this article you will learn about some of the techniques that will help you do this.

Prepare materials before work, not during
If you have to write material on a topic that requires a large number of additional references, quotes, facts and illustrations, then try to prepare them before you start writing. There is no more sure way to stretch work on an article than to be distracted from the process to find the right information. You follow the link for one, there you find something else, go to a completely foreign site and as a result return to your text within a few hours. It is unacceptable.

Do you have a plan?
This is one of the main ways to save time and create a strong and clear material.

Write a plan. No matter how clearly you can imagine the theme and content of the future material, write in advance a brief plan. These can be section titles, basic thoughts, just individual keywords - as you like. The main thing is that you must outline in advance the way that you are going to and which you will adhere to. This will save you from the situation in which beginners start to write, when you start writing a novel, but you can not even rip a short story, or vice versa, you sit down for writing a note in a wall newspaper, and you can not turn to the ending even after the fifth page.

Go ahead without stopping
One of the biggest pitfalls that lie in wait for us in our work is the desire to immediately make everything right and understandable. We try to immediately create a perfect text, use the right correct turns and immediately come up with biting sharp wits. As a result, we work on every paragraph by the hour, rewrite, supplement and erase it. In general, we skip in one place, while inspiration has long since left us behind this routine take-over.

Therefore, if you feel a creative upturn in yourself, do not stop for a minute and write, write, write. Let it be clumsy or incomprehensible, but you immediately outline all the thoughts that you still have. And then you will return and will grind, bringing your text to shine.

Set the timer
A timer is a great thing. Perhaps not everyone loves him, but there is not a single person who would not be using this method. For me, as for freelance writer for, this tool is very helpful! Simply set the timer to 15, 20, 25 minutes and write, without distracting anything, until it stops. As soon as this happened, then get up from the table and take a break. You can call this technique Pomodoro, you can any other word pleasant for your ear - the main thing is that it works.

Learn hotkeys
If you write a lot and want to do it faster, then you still can not avoid this. Just notice how much time it takes to format the headers, highlight italics, insert links and pictures using the toolbar buttons and how much faster it is to make keyboard combinations. Do not sit down and learn everything - select the operations that you use most often, and replace them with hot keys one at a time.

Errors, commas, links, foreign words
Every time, when you notice a mistake, you have to stop, go back, correct, then move the cursor to the current position, remember what you wrote about. How many seconds have passed?

The same goes for foreign words and references. Each time, switching the layout, searching for and inserting the right link, you interrupt your flow of creativity, which may not be so easy after that. Therefore, leave all these tasks for later, at the stage of "combing" the text. Then you calmly correct all errors, place links and foreign names.

Check, relax and check again
After you have written the text and put the final point, the work on it does not end. Rather, you made only half of it. Now you have to fix all the errors, place commas, change the unsuccessful turns and repetitions. After that, it is worth a little rest, do something else or just have fun. After some time, read your text with a fresh look and if it completely suits you, then you can say that the work is done.

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