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Let's go to the Mid-Autumn Festival for Food and Drink Free

     Newcity Chinese School now are sincerely inviting you to join our Chinese corner on 12th, September . With Newcity Chinese School and Friends from around the world, we are gonna have a different but surely a memorable Mid-autumn Day this time. Delicious moon-cakes and cool beers will be available then, you will pick up some Chinese culture, as well as some new friends . So, what are you still waiting for? Why not call us or drop an Email for reservation now?
Time: 3pm—5:30pm, 12th, September.
Place: Newcity Chinese School,Room 12A, Western Building of Yi Hai Plaza, Chuang Ye Road, Nanshan District (Bus stop:亿利达大厦yì lì dá dà shà or南山邮局 Nanshan Post Office,near 海雅百货hǎi yǎ bǎi huò)
Fees: Free for everything in Newcity Chinese School

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