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What do you think about marriage when you see the friends next you to marry? Lot of friends around me got divorced and meanwhile, some others marry one by one....what's the meaning of marriage? I am so confused about it sometimes, then i try to find the answer from the book, real life....then below are from Laura Dfefferle, On Marriage-Lessons from a work-in-progress, I think it's good to share.......and I like it.
"Familiarity may bring contempt to some, but we find comfort in being close. Over the years, we have discovered what is vital to happiness in our marriage. The key is trust. Not just trusting the other person to remain faithful, but trust in knowing that, even at your worst, your partner will not forsake you in word or deed. Trust that, at your best, your partner will be right behind you, not threatened by your success but sharing in it, rightfully acccepting credit as your main ally in achieving it......Love is a fast growing willow that nees to be propped and buttressed in life's storms, but trust grows slowly, like the oak, and possesses great strength.No union based on love will survive long without it, but a relationship based on trust provides an excellent foundation on which love can flourish freely."
"Like any friendship, marriage involves give and take. A willingness to compromise and to trade off or share unappealing tasks makes life more pleasant. We have learned to toss gender roles and do what we do best, whether that is washing the car for me to doing the dishes for Raymond. Because of his handicap he can't stand or walk for very long......"
"...two ways to lessen the impact of the dark spots on the whole. First way, was to agree never to accept divorce as a possibility, no matter how bad things seemed; The other way...without the possibility of quitting the marriage, any problem can be solved because we must solve it to go on."

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