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My trip to the LongGang District peoples hospital

Last Monday I had some trouble with my bum (wont go into the messy details)but it was enough to give a good fright and be concerned.

I was a little bit stupid and did not say anything to my wife until Wednesday,Thursday we went to the hospital got a number sat down and waited to see the doctor.

our number came up went and saw the doctor told her what was going on and she said you will need a colonoscopy,I had to go and get my heart checked(my heart is good)then go and pick up the medicine that I need to clean my body out.

I was booked in for Tuesday 3rd of April at 2 pm.

In the morning I drank the medicine they gave me and about an hour later everything started coming wife and I arrived at the hospital at 1.30pm as I was booked in at 2 pm along with about 6 other people.

The nurses and the doctors were FANTASTIC they made me feel comfortable,this was the 1st time I have ever had this done and I was very nervous.The hospital was clean and nurses and doctors were very helpful.

after I woke up I got given the results we went back to see the doctor and YAHOO YAHOO nothing was wrong no cancer or anything like that,it was a hemroid.

the experience of going to this Chinese hospital is a positive cost all up about 600rmb which I can claim back on insurance.

I feel what I went through is kinda life changing in some way because the result could have been different

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Comment by G-44 on April 20, 2018 at 5:28pm

I went to Chinese hospital too, I had some troubles with my back and all the hospital stuff very open for help.... also my insurance covered everything (around 500RMB) however I was disappointed with the doctor because he told me only basic things like "rest, do not stay seated all the time and blablabla" but when it came to medicines he said nothing, and I suggested some "diclofenac" and then he said yeah sure,, so I was like... WTF?? you are the doctor and I'm the one telling you, what to give me....???

Comment by CatInTheHat on April 20, 2018 at 1:03pm
Same thing cost me $50000HKD over the border. Insurance covered it, but quite a difference
Comment by LP on April 11, 2018 at 9:39am

Good to hear something finally positive.

recent experience, my husband is going to see a chinese traditional doctor three times a week, acupuncture & cupping etc... and it is working! although he has never believed that a bag of herbs would actually cure, he has suffered back, shoulder and joint pains for ages.


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