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   been registered to QQ for months now but it's useless 'coz I don't really use it... set it to Q ME mood, pop here and there but most of the times I only ignored them.

   There's this one guy who always sent me messages, non-sense of course! then one day he sent me a picture. Actually, no idea with his face yet so not sure if this is he ;-))


       wondering why he sent me this kinda' picture... 

               hmmm, maybe he just want to show that he can play well, or

                  maybe he just want to show that we can play together one day,

       or simply maybe he just want to show that he got lots of RMB 

                 But it's all FAKE  ;-))


      whatever but to sum up, I'm not impressed!

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Comment by GrandPa on February 16, 2011 at 7:45pm
The Cherokee Indians had a very wise should never gamble with money that is bigger then you head.


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