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Yes... This time late....

Been long time didn't sign in this website. And yes, for some reason, here again.

And things become not much fun when you found people would really search you in this website. Then you found it is not good to put your name or any information for some reasons.

Anyway, let's back to the topic...

Yes, you might ask what the f going on here, what this female try to tel in this late time....

Well. I bet maybe one of you, doing the same thing as I am doing now... Maybe...

First Thanks for your time to read this silly stuff(maybe), but every word here, true, 100%... Yes, I do want to get some support here, and also will get people to ask me to WAKE UP which I tried to tell myself but no use.

Ok, Let's start...

It is no fun at all... Friday night staying at home, chosing not going out...finished half bottle of wines by myself already but didn't feel any feeling want to sleep, yes,you right... For avoiding not see someone, a guy( I have to say it in case anyone think I am lesbian)... You might hard to image, but I been heart broken for 3 months for a guy whom never been in relationship with me...which I though he did love me or like me before like I did... Anyway, that took me long time(3 months) to found out I am really the only one stuck in this love fairy tale last week...

Sorry again, here is the only place I could write down feeling,no need to hear freinds say me silly or whatever....

Till now, I guess the toilet in that bar know how bad I felt more than the guy as I was cried badly there,hiding... he might knew nothing about, or he just not care...

Even till now, it is still hard for me to believe people change so quicky, so quicky... But yes, it is... We were seem so closed, untill he said by his words he want a simple life... which work, home, a place we like to go both...  So I don't like to go the place we both like to go that much as I want him to have a simple life as he wishes, another reason, I don't wanna go and pretend I am fine or pretend I am a bitch which show I dont see him there, also his being there remind me how silly I am, for more, how failed I am... And a man whom I care so much now turn out to be a man whom so cruel to me...


It is hard to say all in just few words, but image there are many night waked up in the midnight or just couldn't fall asleep, thinking of what wrong I been done to make things worse like this... Those tears are true...

.....hmm... I feel a bit sleepy now. Maybe the wines working on me, or I just feel much better after I write down something...


Good night this wonderful world.

May all you feel and have love in your lives, and treasure Love.


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Comment by Funny Life on April 3, 2014 at 6:25am

@Profanipenguin , Thanks for your understanding and the kind message you left here. I appreciative it. :)

Comment by SERO 高,丑,穷 on March 22, 2014 at 7:38pm

why i feel that my auntie is talking here..

Comment by Profanipenguin on March 22, 2014 at 8:33am

Everyone ends up in the same place as you at some time in their lives; though it's not always with someone we didn't have a relationship normally someone we did have a relationship with.

It's miserable for a while; sometimes a long while but then you find someone you do click with and life is good again. Get out of the house - have fun and sooner or later you'll start to forget about it. Sitting around dwelling on what might have been is a recipe for insanity.

Comment by Mike46 on March 22, 2014 at 6:12am
I'm glad the site has been useful to you. I hope things get better for you.

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