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Special Super Spanx Uze to Yall Supportive Hipsta Ninjaz n Ninjettez in Shenzhen

Appreciate Ur Strong Support 

at Our Hysterical Comedy Shows!

we can all do our passionate participance in 

helping this young city grow n develop 

into a major prime time marketable metropolis!

we should be as mainstream a party city as

ShangHai HongKong n BeiJing... and that 

all starts with live local talent performances! 

pleased as peaches, proud to mention, that

we have been gaining loyal crowd members

every show from 20 (first) to 25 (second) and 15 at the third

at our last show, we counted 30 approximately!

so lets keep the positive vibes spreading 

the spirit of happiness n hyphy feelings to 

our foreign friends living out here... aybe forever

really enjoy speaking with or fans and fiends

getting to know u n taking selfies (posted on our page)

were gonna keep building this fraternity and following 

of course with the strength of our Shenzhen citizens. 

our biweekly comedy shows are giving us confidence n

putting us on the international map! most of all making ppl

want to stay out here living it up n laffing with us long time!

thats how we grow into a giant juggernautus kind of movement!

hope to see yall cracking up with us again for this new n improved 

upcoming Sunday Funday show! with free burgers, come awn owt! 

any questions or curiosities, hit me up on wechat for instant talk...


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