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Student life or how to save health in 5 years

It's no secret that in your student years your body is exposed to serious stresses and serious stresses. How to pass this 5-year marathon and keep your health? Consider the most common diseases of students, what to do when you get sick and how not to get sick.

Diseases of students and useful advice

Acute respiratory infections. They often have a viral origin, and therefore are quickly transferred from the student to the student. Antibiotics against the virus are ineffective, so treatment will be aimed at strengthening immunity and alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Drink plenty of liquids, add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet, take vitamin C, tincture of echinacea and zinc to improve immunity.

Grip. This disease is known to be very contagious, transmitted lightly from student to student so that in one weekend a whole hostel can be left with unpleasant symptoms. Remember, this disease is caused by different strains of the virus, and the virus is not treated with antibiotics. The causative agent of influenza mainly affects the lungs, but in the absence of treatment, it can provoke serious complications for various body systems. If you get sick, bed rest will not only save you from complications but also prevent the spread of the disease. Influenza virus And we are well known - it works like a clock every winter when the flu epidemic begins. The best prevention of influenza is to strengthen immunity with the help of healthy nutrition and exercise.

Gastritis, colitis and other gastric diseases. At the first courses today, 30-35% of students suffering from gastritis, and on the last 60-65%. These figures are quite eloquent. Where do gastritis and ulcers come from? Nervous stresses due to examinations, irregular meals on dry food, alcohol, - and here: inflammation of the stomach mucosa is provided to you.Do you want to live without stress?Look at this site and you will be satisfied. In spring and autumn, the condition worsens: the stomach whines, vomits, achieves heartburn ... do you need it when it is not so sweet? No? Then, the best thing here again is prevention. Proper nutrition will be cheaper than ready meals - various pizzas, sandwiches, fast foods, etc. It will certainly be necessary to allocate additional time for cooking at least elementary dishes, but this is worth it, because health is more expensive.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections. According to statistics, 20-25% of students are infected or are carriers of such infections. The main reason for such diseases, of course, is the lack of protective equipment. Therefore, even if you are completely focused on learning and do not plan any sexual contacts, you must always have a condom with you - who knows how life will turn?

How to treat alcohol abuse and insomnia

Alcohol abuse, drug use and psychotropic drugs. This problem continues to lead the list of student illnesses. The level of alcohol and drug use among students is much higher than in other parts of society. This is due primarily to the fact that students, especially those who study far from home, want to fully enjoy their newfound freedom, often trying drugs for the first time in their lives under similar circumstances. Among the harmful habits of students today, alcohol, marijuana and medicines from a group of those that are "only on the prescription of a doctor" prevail.

Insomnia. Among students, unfortunately, the level of insomnia is high. The reasons are obvious: students tend to sit up (well, if for textbooks) until late, or even until the morning, the sleep regime becomes unstable, energy with high caffeine content only exacerbate the problem. All these habits lead to a lack of sleep and long bouts of insomnia. Insomnia only seems relatively safe, but it can provoke and accompany other health problems and become a sign of a more serious illness. Students are able to improve their state of health and health if they consciously react to the necessary changes in lifestyle and basic daily habits relating to sleep and rest.

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Depression. Again, statistics show that more than 40% of students experience signs of depression. Understand, you can demand yourself only real things. Even if you are trying very hard to translate anything into life, the universe needs time to materialize your desires. Set goals for yourself both for the near and for the distant future and celebrate every achievement. Keep in touch with people who inspire you and look optimistically at life. Find in your life the reasons to be a happy person - they have everyone and remember: health is above all.

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